10 Best Black Mirror Episodes, Ranked According To Letterboxd

Although it remains to be confirmed if there are more black mirror episodes in the works, Charlie Brooker’s innovative series has enough twists that existing episodes can be enjoyed more than once.

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Naturally, many fans have rated the episodes available on Letterboxd and given their opinion. All black mirror The episode serves as a critical take on society and how technology is beginning to consume people. Even though the show is futuristic, the technology and events that occur are believable and similar to the present day. Of course, some episodes resonated more with viewers, and Letterboxd fans were quick to share their thoughts.


ten “Fifteen Million Merits” – 3.7/5

Screenshot of Fifteen Million Merits

“Fifteen Million Merits” follows a character named Bing in a futuristic world where everyone rides their bikes to earn credits in order to live a better life. Bing is obsessed with a TV singing contest, in which the winners get rich. He then sets himself the goal of helping his crush enter the competition.

“Fifteen Million Merits” has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 on Letterboxd with many top reviews praising Daniel Kaluuya’s performance. Some fans have claimed it’s one of the most underrated black mirror episodes, because we don’t talk about them as often as others.

9 “All Your Story” – 3.7/5

Screenshot of your whole story

“The Entire History You” follows a couple in a world where almost everyone has a memory implant that allows them to record memories. After Liam Foxwell suspects his wife might be cheating, he goes crazy going over memories in order to find evidence.

Many reviewers comment on how cool the technology is in this episode and how it accurately shows how people would deal with this type of memory device. Considering this was the final episode of the first season, it surely had a big emotional impact.

8 “USS Callister” – 3.7/5

USS Callister promotional image

“USS Callister” follows Captain Robert Dally and his crew on a spaceship. After a new woman joins the crew, they discover the dark truth behind their reasoning for being there.

“USS Callister” is one of the episodes of black mirror that fans should watch if they like The twilight zone. As many blurred area episodes, all is not as it seems on the “USS Callister”. Many reviewers commented on the comparisons with star trekand how this episode could have been its own movie due to its intriguing story.

seven “White Bear” – 3.7/5

Polar bear screenshot

“White Bear” follows Victoria, who suddenly wakes up with no idea where she is or what is going on. She also struggles to remember her past, as almost everyone around her records it on their phone. She then encounters a group who tell her that they must destroy a transmitter that controls the company.

“White Bear” seemed to cause a lot of discussion among Letterboxd fans. Many critics think the turn of events in Victoria was well-deserved, while others think the episode’s purpose was to show that revenge doesn’t equal justice. “White Bear” is a prime example of why viewers love black mirrordue to its conflicting themes that make fans question their values.

6 “Nose Dive” – ​​3.8/5

Dive screenshot

In a futuristic world where ratings have taken over, people can rate others they meet and this influences how others perceive them, their chances of buying a certain house or even getting invited to events. . When Lacie is invited to a wedding that could dramatically boost her ratings, things go horribly wrong.

Lacie is one of the unluckiest black mirror characters, which makes this episode particularly memorable. Many Letterboxd fans commented on how ironic it was to rate the episode, given that the whole episode is about ratings. This episode’s similarities to likes and ratings judging a person’s worth makes it completely connected to today’s society, which is probably why it’s popular among viewers.

5 “Black Museum” – 3.8/5

Black Museum screenshot

“Black Museum” follows a young woman who randomly decides to visit a mysterious museum on her road trip. At the museum, his owner tells him unique stories about some of the items there.

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Many reviewers on Letterboxd compared this episode to “White Christmas”, as both episodes contain mini-stories. Fans have also mentioned how this episode would have been a great finale for the series as it contains many references to past episodes and serves as a love letter to the series.

4 “Hang the DJ” – 3.9/5

Hang the DJ screenshot

“Hang the DJ” follows Sam and Amy, two people on a dating program that matches people but puts an expiration date on the relationship. Sam and Amy begin to question the system once they develop feelings for each other.

Many Letterboxd fans praised the relationship in this episode and commented on the extreme lengths the two went through to be together. Although not many black mirror episodes have romance, it looks like the couple in “Hang the DJ” has certainly won over viewers, making it a fan-favorite episode.

3 “Shut Up and Dance” – 4/5

Screenshot Shut up and dance

Two individuals find themselves forced to work together after they are both blackmailed into committing crimes by an anonymous group. The two end up doing whatever they are asked to do to keep their dark secrets from coming to light.

“Shut up and dance” is a black mirror episode that really played with the viewer’s emotions. There is no doubt that this episode gained popularity for having a memorable twist at the end. It was definitely one of those episodes that hid information until the very end in order to leave the viewer shocked, a tactic that seemed to work well in its favor due to the many rave reviews.

2 “White Christmas” – 4.1/5

Black Mirror White Christmas Screenshot

During a Christmas meal in a remote, snowy outpost, two friends share scary stories about their lives, which leads to them reuniting at the outpost.

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“White Christmas” is undoubtedly one of the best holiday-themed horror anthology TV episodes and is remembered by many fans. black mirror. Many Letterboxd reviewers mentioned how terrible the events were in this episode, with some joking that things got even more messed up as the episode progressed.

1 “San Junipero” – 4.1/5

“San Junipero” takes place in an 80s setting, with a more reserved young woman who goes out to different clubs every night. There she meets another woman who intrigues her, but despite their connection she becomes distant and seems to be hiding something.

Although the technology in this black mirror episode doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular episodes. This episode is probably one of the most memorable black mirror episodes because of the ’80s music and aesthetic. “San Junipero” is also popular for its romantic story between two women and its shocking twist, which is likely what earned the episode its favorable reviews.

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