10 Black Mirror Characters Who Had The Worst Endings

A sixth season of black mirror was recently announced (by Variety) and is sure to introduce a whole new lineup of unfortunate characters. The series is known for its shocking twists and characters that often end in macabre or traumatic ways.

Sometimes wicked characters pay brutally for their crimes and other times the show makes fans feel sorry for corrupt people like Victoria Skillane; however, innocent people like Shazia don’t fare much better on the show. Many characters featured in black mirror have cruel and tragic endings, but some are memorable for being the worst of the worst.


ten Chris Gillhaney

The season three episode, “Smithereens” sees a rideshare driver, Chris abduct one of his passengers after finding out he works for social media company Smithereen. The episode’s ending is ambiguous, but it is heavily implied that Chris is shot by armed police.

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After being chased by the police, Chris demands to speak to the CEO of Smithereen as he blames an app notification of a car accident that killed his partner. While it’s hard to sympathize with him throughout the episode, his actions come from a place of heartache and despair. Although he kidnapped an innocent man, he did so while broken and in an effort to make Smithereen take responsibility for the app’s addiction.

9 Liam Foxwell

Toby Kebbell stares at the screen, eyes glazed over in a scene from Black Mirror.

In one of the best episodes of black mirror“All your story”, the characters have grains, allowing them to review their memories like video recordings. Liam’s story ends as he prepares to snatch the grain after learning that his partner, Ffion, has cheated on him and their child may not be his.

Liam lets his suspicions consume him and becomes obsessed with the idea that something is going on between Ffion and his ex, Jonas. Later, he sees that Ffion and Jonas have recent memories together around the time their child was conceived. Although Liam’s obsession makes him a frustrating character to watch at times, it’s tragic to see him alone and heartbroken at the end; however, there is still hope for him as he could have a better future without the grain.

8 Victoria Skillane

Black Mirror Season 2 Episode 2 White Bear Victoria

One of the best twists of black mirror comes towards the end ofWhite Bear.” The episode is a relentless thrill ride that sees the main character chased by masked attackers while being filmed by silent bystanders. It is finally revealed that the main character is part of a justice program where his mind is wiped daily, with the masked attackers being actors and the bystanders being members of the audience.

As the audience follows her throughout the episode, it’s hard not to sympathize with Victoria when she’s publicly berated and her mind forcibly erased. That being said, with the revelation that Victoria filmed her boyfriend murdering a child, she is far from innocent and her cruel end is punishment for her heinous crime.

seven Cooper

Black Mirror Playtest Cooper

“Game Test” sees Cooper decide to take part in paid testing of a new gaming technology. While things are fun at first, one of the games uses Cooper’s fears to personalize the experience, and by the end of the episode , he is dead.

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Cooper begins to forget who he is when using the technology, and it is later revealed that he died almost instantly after starting because a phone call from his mother caused the technology to interfere. The revelation is heartbreaking as he is still going through the events of the episode in his head. Cooper’s end is particularly tragic as he only accepted the tests because he was struggling for money, and the games are meant to be fun rather than a death sentence.

6 Carrie

Carrie in black mirror

One of the artifacts from the “Black Museum” is the teddy bear that contains Carrie’s consciousness. Rolo explains that he placed part of Jack’s dying wife’s consciousness in his brain, but after it led to trouble between the two, he moved that part of her into Jack’s teddy bear. their child.

As she is in a coma when her consciousness is displaced, Carrie has little choice about what happens to her. She is forced to watch her husband fall in love again, and after being transferred into her son’s teddy bear, she is quickly abandoned. Although she escapes the museum with Nish at the end of the episode, she is still trapped inside the teddy bear to continue a miserable existence.

5 bella

Metalhead” is often considered one of the most underrated black mirror episodes. The episode focuses on Bella and her crew’s fight for survival through a desolate landscape as they are pursued by killer metal dogs. Just as things end, she is hit in the neck with a tracker and prepares to kill herself.

As she fought for her life throughout the episode, this is a particularly dark way to end things. Although little is known about her, Bella certainly didn’t deserve the gruesome end she met after struggling throughout the episode.

4 Matt Trent

Black Mirror season 2, episode 4, "white christmas" with Jon Hamm cookies

In the show’s special Christmas episode, “White Christmas”, Matt and Joe stay together in a cabin but barely know each other, leaving the audience wondering what’s going on. Part of Matt’s history is revealed through flashbacks in which he did questionable things with “Z-Eye” and “Cookie” technology; however, the episode ends with him being “blocked” from everyone, meaning he is grayed out via a filter in everyone’s eyes.

Matt learns he can be released from the “cabin” if he gets a confession from Joe. Although he gets this freedom, he is unable to interact with anyone and is practically alone in the world. Although Matt is selfish and has done some questionable things, his end is particularly cruel and inhumane.

3 Clayton Leigh

clayton is tortured in black mirror

Carrie isn’t the only character in ‘Black Museum’ suffer a tragic end; Clayton Leigh has an even more heartbreaking fate. The convicted murderer is part of the museum’s main exhibit: the man’s consciousness is transferred into a hologram that visitors can re-kill via the electric chair over and over again by pulling a lever.

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While his daughter, Nish, ends up switching consciences with the owner of the museum, Clayton has already endured years of torture. By the time she is able to save him, the hologram is in an unresponsive state, with museum visitors enjoying inflicting pain on him. Clayton’s innocence remains ambiguous in the episode, so it’s possible he was wrongfully convicted, which makes his torture all the more disturbing.

2 Joe Potter

Joe at White Christmas

The other main character of “White Christmas“, Joe also gets a particularly cruel ending. The final moments of the episode see him trapped in the cabin with the time set to a thousand years per minute.

Prior to being in the cabin, flashbacks reveal that Joe’s girlfriend Beth “blocked” him, but after her death he was finally able to see their child. After realizing the child wasn’t his after all, he went after and killed Beth’s father who had made sure he would never find out the truth. The character swings from one emotional tragedy to the next, and his grief seems especially cruel considering he’s been on a rampage after being deceived for years; Joe is left in endless hell after years of prior emotional torture.

1 Shazia Akhand

Shazia looks at mia's memories in a black mirror

Shazia ends with “Crocodile” is so devastating because she’s one of the most likable characters in Black mirror. She is simply doing her job and investigating a minor incident when she is brutally murdered by Mia.

Shazia uses technology to recall Mia’s memories of the accident, but sees too much and discovers the woman killed two people. She claims she didn’t see anything but ends up being tied up by Mia and killed. In her final moments, Shazia knows that Mia is going to find her husband and kill him too. in the story, she is completely innocent but receives a brutal end at the hands of Mia.

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