10 Scariest Horror Movie Mirror Scenes

It’s probably fair to say that horror movies depend more on cliches than any other genre, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Even so, there are certainly some types of scenes that audiences are sick of seeing – for example, the hilariously lazy and wildly overused mirror jump scare, where a bathroom mirror is usually closed to reveal a monstrous presence. in the reflection.

It’s about as musty and dull as the horror tropes get, but every once in a while a filmmaker dares to get a little more creative and give the mirror gag a neat makeover.

These 10 movies, whether they were genre classics or pretty terrible movies that nailed a scene, all delivered some legendary mirror scenes that audiences will never forget.

From clever and stylish reimaginings of the typical mirror gag to movies that actually used mirrors as the main prop in their story, these 10 scenes have all found ways to do something different and surprising with a classic object of the genre.

The results ranged from intrigue to dread and disgust, as well as a greater appreciation for filmmakers who continue to reinvent familiar ideas…

What would this list be without including Stanley Kubrick’s inimitable horror masterpiece The Shining?

The unforgettable scene in question is a reward for young Danny Torrance’s (Danny Lloyd) continuous lyrics of the phrase “Redrum” throughout the film.

After using her mother Wendy’s (Shelley Duvall) lipstick to write Redrum on her bathroom door, his increasingly disturbed cry of the word wakes her up.

While comforting Danny, she looks in the mirror to see Danny’s doodles reflected on her – Redrum is “Murder” backwards.

It’s easy to take such seemingly simple fear for granted these days, but between Lloyd’s eerily sleepwalking performance and Kubrick’s typically exemplary shot selections, it makes sure the reveal is absolutely chilling.

However, the scene isn’t just scary for creep’s sake: it foreshadows a deranged, murderous Jack (Jack Nicholson) who goes after his mother and son moments later.