14 Fascinating Living Room Mirror Ideas

If your living room is starting to look a little dull, a dazzling mirror could be the perfect solution to brighten it up. Bringing a beautiful mirror into your space will not only add interest to plain walls, but will also help your living room appear larger than it is. Whether you’re leaning towards a minimalist style but feel like your living room needs an upgrade, or you have a bold, maximalist approach you want to lean on, there’s a mirror that’s sure to be an eye-catcher. your space for all the right reasons. You can finally enhance the existing decor without completely redecorating your living room. To help you think about which mirror is best for your space, we’ve rounded up some fascinating options inspired by some of our favorites. Beautiful house interiors.

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This living room designed by Ariene Bethea has all the right elements – color, texture, light and balance. Go beyond the design by instead installing a decorative mirror above your fireplace and near your windows. Opting for an animal-inspired mirror will bring the outside inside in a clever way.

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Raise a mirror to the floor that can serve as an extension of your foyer to achieve the look of this inset by Nanette Brown. You can achieve this either by repainting your fireplace and mirror in a neutral color or by finding a mirror large enough to give the illusion that it was intentionally installed in your fireplace.

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Alison Victoria was wooed by this antique mantel salvaged from Architectural Accents and found a mirror to match her grandeur. The decorative details of this vintage anchored mirror reimagine the Tudor class arch, ensuring your space looks fresh.

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A distressed tinted mirror blends vintage and modern design when you choose a floor length size. If you don’t have much light, place this mirror under curtains to mimic a glass window.

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The mirror in this living room seems to have been torn from a baroque palace. It’s a vintage piece that makes a bold statement in a room with bare walls. The crest on top is the crowning jewel of this living room.

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Complete your chandelier

Looking for a way to make your chandelier the star of the show, but without being overbearing? Jae Joo designed this small living room into a sight to behold by mixing a thin gold mirror with a scalloped chandelier. It’s a delicate pairing that will easily accentuate the gold finishes in your home.

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The tactile textures of this black mirror adorn the red fabric walls of this living room designed by Nick Olsen. Opt for a large mirror to add to the opulence of your living room.

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A romantic scroll detail along the frame of your mirror will give a glimpse of your personality. If you like to find decorative accents that speak for themselves, a mirror will reflect your favorite pieces and indicate that there is much more to come in your home, like in this space from Studio Munroe.

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This trippy living room designed by Kingston Lafferty has a wall-to-wall mirror that instantly doubles the size of a small nook. It’s a clever way to maximize limited space and definitely start the conversation with your guests.

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Elizabeth Georgantas redesigned a historic Nantucket home with her family in mind. The vintage wood has cherry undertones that bring welcoming warmth to your living room.

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Enjoy a broken look

Arrange a row of glass mirrors along the walls of your living room to create a gallery of shimmering pendant lights. This space designed by Tamsin Johnson displays mirrors of varying heights and sizes for a perfectly imperfect geometric layout.

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Don’t be afraid of color this year! Here’s a unique way to introduce the ever-popular sage green hue into your space. Instead of choosing one mirror, hang two next to the muted green mirror by your fireplace. The overall monochromatic vibe is soothing and edgy.

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Simple, classic, but not disappointing, a round mirror is the eye of your living room. This living room designed by Jayson Home manager Devin Kirk has a beveled mirror that will add another dimension of depth.

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Here is an ornate floral mirror that makes an impact. Place this nature-adorned mirror near a huge bouquet of flowers to blend the hard and soft finishes of each other, like the Ensembliers have done here.

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