17 Best Garden Mirrors – Stylish Outdoor Mirror Ideas

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A garden mirror can be a great addition to your outdoor space, especially in smaller gardens, as it helps bounce light around dark corners and spaces, and gives the illusion of depth and spaciousness beyond. beyond the wall on which it hangs.

Increasingly popular, garden mirrors are essential garden accessories, allowing you to bring out the interior and create your own outdoor “living room” – pair them with outdoor rugs, stylish garden lanterns , outdoor cushions and comfortable furniture to help you relax and unwind. Hang or simply set your mirror against a wall to create a beautiful outdoor feature.

When positioning your garden mirror, be sure to place it with care: remember that birds can be confused by mirrors, so be careful and pay close attention to flight paths. Ultimately, you need to pick an area that birds aren’t likely to fly to. And to avoid a potential (although unlikely) fire hazard and to prevent glare shining into your home, make sure your outdoor mirror isn’t placed in direct sunlight, so shaded areas are ideal.

In terms of mirror type, glass is heavier, more scratch resistant (be sure to polish regularly), but offers a longer lasting crystal clear reflection. Acrylic is 10 times stronger than glass so it won’t shatter and it’s also lighter making it easier to hang on the wall.

Whether you want to brighten up a drab looking wall or fence, or simply add a new dimension to your garden design, shop our top picks of the world’s most stylish garden mirrors…

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White Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

White Arch Outdoor Mirror

There’s something rather charming about this white arched mirror, thanks to its distressed finish and half-round window design.


Outdoor mirror with inclined edge – Garden mirrors

Indoor/outdoor matte black metal glass mirror with slanted corners


Why choose a standard rectangular mirror when you can have one with a slanted edge? Offering a unique look, this black industrial mirror features an iron glass frame and will bring charm to your outdoor space.


Large Garden Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Large gothic outdoor mirror



This large gothic style garden mirror ticks all the right boxes. Elegant and timeless, it will sublimate your outdoor space.


Window Tile Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Fulbrook Square Mirror



Boasting a sophisticated and contemporary style, the Fulbrook Garden Mirror features distinctive glass, perfect for every outdoor space.


Large Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Black steel mirror


This contemporary garden mirror from Garden Leisure is high on our wish list. With durable steel and glass construction, the sleek arched design makes it a statement piece.


Indoor outdoor mirror – Garden mirrors

Interior Exterior Gothic Arched Mirror

We love the arched silhouette and antique, rusty finish of this mirror. Made from iron and glass, it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It would work perfectly in a backyard garden.


Round outdoor mirror – Garden mirrors

Round garden mirror



This pretty round mirror with sectioned panels will be the focal point of a contemporary garden.


White Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Large decorative white metal arch mirror


Make a statement with this white arched garden mirror, crafted from sturdy metal. And for less than 40€, it’s a bargain!


Golden Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Small golden gothic exterior mirror

Bring the luxury factor to your outdoor space with this chic garden mirror. The lightly distressed gold finish will age over time to exude a rustic charm.


Large Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Large Black Arc Indoor/Outdoor Window Mirror with Opening Doors



Create an Alice in Wonderland-style adventure in your garden with this large industrial-style arched mirror, which features two opening doors that can be opened or closed.


Shuttered Garden Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Shuttered garden mirror

This exterior window shutter style mirror will create a feeling of light and space in your back garden, especially the smaller ones. It has a subtle antique finish.


Golden Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Golden flower mirror



Beautify your outdoor space with this attractive garden mirror. With a handmade gold flower design, it’s the perfect look for contemporary outdoor decor.


Black outdoor mirror – Garden Mirrors

Large arched black metal garden mirror



One of our favourites, this impressive large arched garden mirror is frost protected to withstand any weather. We love the black metal frame lightly aged with gold leaf. It’s striking and will create a real statement.


Decorative Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Portrait rusty metal garden mirror

Not a typical garden mirror, but doubles as wall art. This nature-inspired mirror is covered in a metal bumblebee design. With a rusty finish and a vertical design, it will add plenty of interest to your garden wall.


Round outdoor mirror – Garden mirrors

Elements Black Round Outdoor Mirror

Don’t like decorative styles? Keep it simple with this clean, round outdoor mirror. Made of iron and with a black frame, it is ideal for a modern garden.


Arched outdoor mirror – Garden mirrors

Truro XL Decorative Outdoor Garden Arch Mirror


Resembling a window into a secret garden, this traditionally styled garden mirror adds depth, making your space appear larger than it is. It gives the illusion of a pair of open windows.


Golden Outdoor Mirror – Garden Mirrors

Sunlit exterior mirror

Are you looking for a garden mirror with a sensational effect? Look no further. This sunburst design is sure to create a stunning focal point. Both bold and elegant, the antique gold finish makes it ideal for a contemporary or bohemian-themed garden.

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