20 best bathroom mirror ideas

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Mirrors can work wonders in any room, especially your bathroom. Of course, practicality should always be a priority, but the best bathroom mirrors double as decorative elements, turning even the simplest spaces into a stylish haven. Take a look at these bathroom mirror ideas, for example: many of the following designs take inspiration from your existing bathroom aesthetic (modern, traditional, or rustic), while others add a whole new personality. Meanwhile, these mirrors – some framed, others frameless – bounce natural, overhead light, ultimately making it even more spacious than it actually is.

While some of these styles of mirrors are best suited for small bathrooms, they can all be adjusted to fit any space, whether you’re looking for an easy way to dress up your small powder room or something. something that will fill the wall above your double sink vanity. Mirrors may be the main focus here, but many of these designs will also give you plenty of ideas on how to elevate your bathroom with different paint colors, tile figurations, and light fixtures (in case you’re in the know. looking for a makeover).

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Classic Circle Mirror

Circle mirrors are as classic and chic as it gets. Place it in the center of your vanity cabinet so you can hang sconces on both sides for an even glow.


Double Gold Mirrors

The shiny golden mirrors bring the drama. All types of polished frames will have the same effect – copper, silver, brushed bronze, or whatever suits your space.


Sprawling horizontal mirror

Go for the unexpected and attach understated glass sconces to both ends of a framed mirror. Select a frame that is the same (or as close to) the color of the wall to enlarge a picturesque space.


Metal mirror

Place a golden deer antler mirror on a herringbone tile to make a striking statement. Decorate the space with towel rings, light fixtures and hardware, all brushed in gold.


Mirror barely there

Since frames take up more space, a frameless option is a great way to make the most of the free wall space you have. Plus, the minimalist style suits almost any aesthetic – modern, traditional, farmhouse-inspired, and more.


Modern mirror

Bring character to your bathroom design by pairing an asymmetrical mirror with a terrazzo vanity top.


Mirror With Marine Trim

Painting the mirror frame the same color as the crown molding, vanity and door enhances the space. Keep decorative accents – light fixtures, in particular – in a contrasting shade for added interest.

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Hexagon mirror

For a cohesive look, match your mirror frame with your bathroom hardware, faucet, and light fixture.


Tilted mirror

Attach an oversized mirror tilted down to see your entire reflection. Balance it out with metal appliques on both sides.


Arc mirror

Sometimes simplicity is best, especially when your space is loaded with varied textures and impressions. In this patterned bathroom, a discreet golden mirror adds a touch of elegance, offsetting the floral and geometric patterns.


Mirror tilted to the ground

Think beyond your vanity: Place a floor mirror against a free wall to bounce the light, resulting in a brighter, more airy feel.


Double sink oval mirrors

Place two small mirrors directly above a double sink vanity for a sense of symmetry.


Wall of mirrors

Gather a bunch of antique mirrors to create an eye-catching gallery wall. Make sure the one directly above the sink is large enough (rectangles and ovals work best) to see your entire face.


Hanging mirrors

Avoid blocking windows behind the vanity by hanging wooden mirrors from the ceiling with a rope and pulley system.


Beveled mirror

Adopt the chic bathroom style with a rectangular mirror accented with distressed pewter borders. Frame it with appliques in a similar finish.


Antique mirror

To take a traditional bathroom back in time, dress it up with an assortment of vintage-style hand, vanity, and mounted mirrors.


Stylish frameless mirrors

If you are working with a smaller space, trick the eye by filling a white wall with mirrors. Opt for mirrors in different (but complementary) shapes and sizes, then attach shelves at the bottom to maximize storage space.


Wooden mirror

Choose a mirror with a distressed walnut wood border to lean into the rustic feel of the bathroom. Incorporate different wood tones throughout the space – a whitewashed vanity, for example – to make it more casual.


Set of functional mirrors

Shoot the double by mounting a magnifying mirror next to a mirrored medicine cabinet. This way you have options: you can see your face from a comfortable distance, up close or with extreme zoom.


Illuminated mirror

Illuminate your space with a sleek circular mirror, surrounded by an LED light border. Choose one that gives off a soft glow to complement the feeling of calm in your bathroom.

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