7 Filmmakers Who Would Make Great Black Mirror Episodes

After a three-year hiatus since its final season in 2019, the sixth season of the fan-favorite satirical anthology series black mirror is currently in the works on Netflix. The show has been a reliable hit for the streaming service since they picked it up in 2016, and it’s always exciting to see how showrunner Charlie Brooker and his team will make pointed and insightful comments about society. and the human condition using some sort of technological advancement that, disturbingly, isn’t too far removed from what could happen in our world.

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black mirror is also quite notable for the array of talent it attracts each season. This is not only the case in the casting department, but also for the directors involved in each episode. The likes of Joe Wright, Jodie Foster, and Dan Trachtenberg were among those who brought every horrifying or fascinating vision of the future to life, though they shouldn’t be the only big names involved with the show. There are several hard-hitting directors who could bring their own unique touches to the world of black mirror and elevate its reach even further than before.

seven Bryce Dallas Howard already has experience with Black Mirror

It only helps to have someone who already knows the world of black mirror on board to direct an episode. One such person who knows this all too well is Bryce Dallas Howard, who starred in the standout Season 3 episode “Nosedive” as a young woman striving to succeed in a world where people can assess themselves. depending on their interactions, which also affects their socio-economic status.

In the years since that episode, Howard has become a respected director, having directed several acclaimed episodes of The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book. Bringing her back to lead an episode would be a smart move by Netflix and Brooker. A Howard-headed black mirror the episode would have so much potential, whether it’s a dark and funny psychological thrill ride like “Nosedive” or something completely different (but no less intriguing).

6 Alex Garland’s Imagination Might Fit the Series Well

Writer and director Alex Garland has always been defined by his rich imagination and his ability to work equally well in the genre of science fiction (Sunshine, Ex-Machina) as it does in the horror genre (28 days later, Men), not to mention the combinations of these two genera (Annihilation). black mirror dabbled in both sci-fi and horror during its run, so it’s not too hard to see how Garland’s sensibility could work very well if he came aboard to work on an episode. .

The advancement of technology as well as its effect on modern society also played an important role in some of Garland’s work. See what he could find for black mirror as a director and screenwriter could be extraordinary.

5 Edgar Wright can juggle many genres and tones

The great thing about black mirror being an anthology series is that no two episodes are exactly the same in tone or style. While the majority of episodes don’t always end on a high note for their characters, the show hasn’t been afraid to sometimes be a little more positive, as seen with the famous “San Junipero” for example. It gives its directors more leeway to tell the exact kind of stories they set out to tell without sticking to the exact same tone, and one of those directors who might have fun with the tone or even the genre he chooses is Edgar Wright.

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Let him make a funny and lighthearted episode (similar to Scott Pilgrim vs the world or the Cornetto with Three Flavors trilogy) or a much darker and darker episode (like Last night in Soho), everything Wright offers for black mirror would be worth watching. His fast-paced directing style and editing work would certainly make any episode he directs stand out visually and narratively as well.

4 Neill Blomkamp could bounce back thanks to Black Mirror

South African director Neill Blomkamp burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2009 with his brilliant sci-fi thriller District 9, although his films after this release unfortunately did not meet with the same level of critical or commercial success. Let’s hope it doesn’t last much longer, because Blomkamp’s immense talent deserves the chance to bounce back in Hollywood. Maybe lead a black mirror the episode might allow him to do just that.

Blomkamp’s films like District 9 and Elysium using their stories to comment on everything from class warfare to xenophobia and the military-industrial complex, and surely he could have something to say using the theme of technology if he had the chance to work on Black mirror. His ability to work well with CGI and large budgets would ensure that any story he signed on to tell would be high-profile and far-reaching.

3 Black Mirror could become trippy thanks to the Wachowskis

Directors Lilly and Lana Wachowski are no strangers to trippy sci-fi stories that make social commentary through their work on The matrix films and were two of the masterminds behind the acclaimed but short-lived Netflix series Sense8. Given their previous working relationship with the streaming giant, it would make a lot of sense for the Wachowskis to be brought on to lead a black mirror episode.

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A black mirror The episode directed by the Wachowskis has the potential to be just as surreal, inventive and thought-provoking as their work on The matrix movies. They could absolutely achieve something amazing working alongside Charlie Brooker and his team and open up new possibilities for the show in the future.

2 Mike Flanagan’s Horror Chops Would Suit Black Mirror Perfectly

When it comes to the best people working in the horror genre today, Mike Flanagan deserves his place at the top of the list. The man behind Stephen King adaptations like Doctor Sleep and Gerald’s game as well as Netflix series like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass, proved to be a master at delivering scarefests that were as psychologically disturbing as they were clever and hard-hitting.

Even when its episodes aren’t strictly horror-based (like Season 3’s “Playtest”), black mirror was still able to emotionally and psychologically devastate its viewers, especially in episodes like “The Whole Story of You” and “White Christmas.” It would be great to see more episodes closer to spectrum horror with their crazy tech stories, and having Flanagan behind the camera on one episode would allow him to do what he does best. Audiences would likely remain spooked long after the episode ended.

1 Brit Marling’s fascination with science fiction could well translate into the series

Brit Marling, who co-created and starred in the Netflix series the OA, knows science fiction pretty well. As seen on the OA and in another landhis work explores the idea of ​​other worlds and how their existence affects the worldview and actions of people in our world.

Given his interest in the dangers of technology, black mirror delved into the realm of science fiction quite often and presented over-the-top, futuristic worlds that are eerily similar to ours but quite different in one way or another. This can be seen in episodes such as “San Junipero” or “Fifteen Million Merits” for example. Was Marling brought on black mirrorthey could go even further in exploring new sci-fi concepts and worlds that emphasize the addictive and dangerous nature of technology.

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