A gold tinted mirror can easily warm up your interiors

Mirrors offer much more than the ability to check your reflection. “Mirrors create the illusion of space and bounce light,” explains Summer Thornton. The Chicago-based designer installed a floor-to-ceiling mirror wall in her clients’ postmodern Chicago townhouse living room, but this one goes beyond the basics – with a gold hue that provides dramatic lighting. golden hour 24/7.

“The goal of this piece was to create a sensual space and would give everyone that warm glow as if they had just returned from the Amalfi Coast,” Thornton adds, who used golden hues mixed with copper and cinnamon accents in the room to bring that energy to life. “There are few things sexier than a mirror. When you make that mirror a gold-tinted mirror, it goes even further.

So how did she do it? Thornton and his team had a huge slab mirror with a gold backing from Glassworks installed in the house. “We always use professional installers for the glass and the mirror, but we get precise measurements and then they use an epoxy to bond it directly to the wall,” says the designer.

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The mirrored wall has been placed off-center to exaggerate the asymmetry of the room. It is also placed near the windows so that the natural light entering the room is really reflected.

If you want to achieve the look in your own home, Thornton says “go with reckless abandon.” But she notes that there are a few crucial questions to ask: Should the edges be beveled? How will it be mounted? What is there opposite that will appear in the reflection? “These details can make or break it (pun intended),” she says.

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