Alec Baldwin sued by family of Halyna Hutchins in wrongful death lawsuit

Halyna Hutchins died on the set of Alec Baldwin’s western Rust last October. The family of the late cinematographer have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the actor and others involved in the film

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Alec Baldwin sued by family of late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

Alec Baldwin has been named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the late Halyna Hutchins.

Cinematographer Halyna, 42, died on October 21, 2021, after the actor, 63, discharged a gun on the set of his now scrapped western film, Rust.

In a lawsuit seen by TMZ, attorneys for the late cinematographer’s family list what they claim are all of the safety issues on the film’s set that they say led to Halyna’s death the year last.

The lawsuit claims that Alec, alongside other defendants, “failed to perform industry-standard safety checks” and neglected to follow basic gun safety rules when producing the unreleased movie Rust.

“Halyna Hutchins deserved to live, and the defendants had the power to prevent her death if they had only considered sacrosanct their duty to protect the safety of every individual on a set where guns were present instead of cutting corners on security procedures where human lives were at stake, rushing to meet schedule, and ignoring numerous security breach complaints,” the lawsuit continued.

Halyna Hutchins was killed on the set of Rust in October 2021


Halyna Hutchins/Instagram)

Attorney Brian Panish, representing Halyna’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, and their child, Andros, held a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday to re-announce Alec’s lawsuit and that he called “other responsible of on-set security, and whose reckless behavior and cost-cutting led to the tragic and senseless death of Halyna Hutchins.”

The late cinematographer’s family is also suing El Dorado Pictures, Rust Movie Productions and Short Porch Picture.

The Mirror has contacted representatives of Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin was named in the wrongful death lawsuit

In November 2021, it was suggested that 30 Rock actor Alec should not have “trusted” the assistant director claiming the prop gun was “cold”.

The accusation came from an attorney speaking on behalf of Mamie Mitchell – a Rust script supervisor who was the first to call 911 after the late Halyna and Joel Souza were shot on the set of the ill-fated movie.

According to Sky News, Ms Mitchell was speaking to reporters in Los Angeles alongside her lawyer, Gloria Allred.

Halyna Hutchins pictured next to Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust before his death



The press conference was the first time the script supervisor has spoken publicly since the fatal on-set shooting.

Throughout last year’s conference it was claimed that ‘basic safety protocols were not followed on set’ and it was revealed that Ms Mitchell had taken legal action against the producers of the film, including Alec and assistant director Dave Halls.

Ms Mitchell said: “I will never forget what happened on the set of Rust that day, I relive the shooting and the sound of the gun exploding over and over again.

She went on to say that she was “depressed” and felt unsafe.

“I am afraid of the future, this violent tragedy has taken away my joy of living,” she added.

Lawyer Ms Allred later confirmed that they had “sued all the producers”.