Ascentic celebrates five years of success – Other

Patrik Alm and Anna Kalm, founders of Ascentic

Founded by Swedish duo Anna Kalm and Patrik Alm, Swedish software development company Ascentic celebrates five years of amazing growth and success.

Since the beginning of the company, Ascentic has had the ambition to create an incredible work experience for its team, with the aim of allowing talented people to flourish and make the most of their potential.

The company was ranked 43rd in the Best Workplaces in Asia 2021 in the Small and Medium Business category, in addition to being listed among the Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka, Best IT/ITES Workplaces for Small Businesses and medium enterprises and the best places to work in Sri Lanka. for millennia.

Ascentic is also expanding its reach in its main customer market, Sweden.
The organization is now located in two of Sweden’s largest regions and is expanding its presence with Swedish and Sri Lankan team members. The main source of activity is building successful software development teams for small and medium-sized product companies with high growth potential, but the first steps have also been taken to start a new unit focused on product commercialization. built in-house.

The company’s technical stacks today range from Microsoft-based solutions to open source, JavaScript with libraries and frameworks like ReactJS, Angular and NodeJS, Python, GoLang and php. The latest technical stream the company has ventured into is machine learning and analytics, where Ascentic data scientists and developers are now helping Swedish organizations make smarter use of their data.

Being an Ascender has many perks and benefits, such as lifelong learning opportunities, support for a healthy work-life balance, fixed compensation in US dollars, comfortable workspaces, a range of social activities, among others. Recently, the company launched an international rotation program where Sri Lankan crew members have the opportunity to work on-site in Sweden for a longer period, a much appreciated initiative since its launch.

The company also made history in Sri Lanka with the introduction of equal four-month parental leave for both parents, with the aim of contributing to greater equality in the IT industry. Gender neutrality, equity and inclusivity are not just a buzz phrase at Ascentic, but a cornerstone for building the organization sustainably.