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I would like to correct a lie told by the RNC in an advertisement attacking John Fetterman.

They said President Joe Biden strangled oil production on his first day in office.

Not true.

Oil production increased. Oil company stock prices doubled with record profits.

Gas prices are high because oil companies can charge those prices and get away with it.

Perhaps Dr. Mehmet Oz and US Representative John Joyce would like to explain why they think the President controls gas prices.

The RNC also blames Mr Fetterman for supporting parts of the Green New Deal.

Right now, temperatures are the highest they’ve been in 100,000 years.

They’re also the coolest they’ll be for the foreseeable future.

Shouldn’t we be doing something to reverse this trend?

What are Oz and Joyce going to vote for?

They will vote to gut the EPA to allow further global warming. They will allow even more pollution of our air, water and soil, making people sicker and shortening lifespans.

They will also vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, forcing people with pre-existing conditions to face dramatically increased insurance costs if their insurance isn’t simply completely terminated.

They will also vote to cut Social Security and Medicare, pushing people who depend on those programs into poverty.

Before you vote for Oz or Joyce, think about the future.

Richard C. Parker


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