Black and white bedroom ideas: 10 monochrome decor tips

Black and white bedroom ideas are a brave choice for any modern scheme. This type of interior can also appear “flat” if you do not introduce texture and subtle varieties of tones. But put together with care, it’s a great way to add drama and style to a modern bedroom.

From chic monochrome shades to softer soft greys, we create bedroom ideas inspired by the understated elegance of grand Parisian apartments.

black and white bedroom ideas

While monochromatic room ideas can be tricky to pull off, a thoughtful approach will be rewarded with a simple yet impactful scheme. Black and white interiors can work especially well in modern homes, where a single-tone canvas is used to accent and complement bedroom furniture, punchy artwork, and gorgeous mirrors.

Whether you’re looking for master bedroom ideas or perfect small bedroom ideas that use a predominantly monochromatic color palette, these black and white bedrooms come with plenty of helpful interior design tips.

1. Use black as a backdrop for graphic prints

black and white bedroom with patterned headboard, gray and white cushions, black bedside table, gold wall light, artwork

(Image credit: Elicyon)

“In this master bedroom, we used a desaturated matte black wallcovering to create privacy and impact,” says Charu Gandhi, founder and director of Elicyon. “On a black background, everything else stands out in the room, so you can afford to bring a bold graphic element to the design. The high contrast works well with a striking pattern and pairs perfectly with metallic and nude accents.

“We are actually seeing a bolder and bolder approach to design when it comes to pattern, with deftly contrasting prints and geometric monochromatic styles increasingly used and contrasting scale patterns featured in wallpaper ideas. and upholstery of the bedroom.”

‘With black you also have the ability to play with shine and texture to create different looks, matte black is very different from a high gloss black. Layering in a monochromatic scheme is the best way to incorporate color and pattern, which also helps break up a block of black and create interest.

2. Keep it simple with accents of black

black and white bedroom with black and white wallpaper, black floor lamp, wooden floor, white bedding, white rug

(Image credit: AK Interiors/Annalicia Hermann)

White bedroom ideas are a timeless choice, and are ones that will work regardless of your home style, but why not add interest and intrigue with elements of black?

“The goal here was to create a refreshing retreat space for our client’s guests. We kept the space mostly neutral with touches of bold black and texture to add dimension, specifically emphasizing the unique ceiling angles with this layered Pierre Frey ribbon wallpaper,” said Alexander Killion, CEO and Director creative at AK Interiors. “Plush bedding and a natural side table were easy additions to bring comfort with the black and white.”

3. Mix and match textures and patterns

teen bedroom idea with black headboard, white mustache print and white walls

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

“A monochromatic scheme can seem a little daunting, but you can have fun choosing textures and patterns that will keep the scheme from being too clinical,” says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

“Tone and texture are key when it comes to black and white bedroom ideas – remember that the most successful monochromatic interiors combine movement and depth with tactile pieces to create an interesting narrative. ” Create an original headboard using wallpaper and choose textured linens for a tactile feel.

4. Use black to create a cocooning effect

dark bedroom with black paneled walls, black iron bed, vintage desk and chair, brass table lamp, parquet floor, white ceiling, artwork

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

While dark colors for any room can often feel like a leap of faith, they can create surprisingly cocooning spaces, so don’t rule out using them in the bedroom, especially if the room has poor natural light. .

“Try a soft black like Railings that never feels too cold or overwhelming, especially when paired with a subtle white like Strong White on your ceiling for a crisp contrast,” says Patrick O’Donnell, Brand Ambassador at Farrow & Ball.

5. Choose an eye-catching black bed as your centerpiece

white bedroom with black bed, light wood bedside tables, pink cushions, white lamps, white carpet

(Image credit: Heather K. Bernstein Interior DesignK/Thomas Kuoh)

“This once dark bedroom was a dark space with 1980s wood paneling,” says Heather K. Bernstein, owner and master interior designer at Heather K. Bernstein Interior Design. “We painted the walls gloss white and the trim jet black for a fresh look with great contrast. We made a statement with the bed and solidified the black and white theme with the Aztec baskets hanging above the bed.

6. Introduce an oatmeal shade to soften the scheme

bedroom with white walls, a black wall, a black bed, white sheets, a wooden side table, an oatmeal floor, a pendant lamp

(Image credit: future)

A black and white bedroom can look incredibly stylish in a loft bedroom, but for the room to really look good it’s important to make sure the floor is light in color to reflect the light.

“A monochrome scheme can be a little scary, but remember you can add other colors to balance it out visually,” says Lucy Searle, Global Editor, Homes & Gardens. “A neutral shade like oatmeal, taupe, or stone can work well and will add softness to the ensemble.”

7. Introduce black as an accent color

white bedroom with black bedside table, white linen, white wall light

(Image credit: Scomes)

“The black and white color palette is one of the few colors that combine so easily, and that’s why it’s become an instant classic in interior design,” says Emily and Jonathan Atwood, founders of scooms. “In the bedroom in particular, black and white tones can make a real statement and be just as dynamic as brighter colors, while creating a soothing space in which to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep.”

“To create a relaxing vibe, paint the walls white and opt for furniture such as the bed, storage units and bedside tables in black to add that essential contrast. Layer upholstery, bedding and accessories in tactile materials such as linen, wool, glass and ceramic and play with blacks, whites, warm neutrals and charcoal tones to add warmth to the layout.

8. Antique brass accessories look great with black and white

white bedroom with black four poster bed, black blanket, parquet floor, metal mirrors and side table, padded footstool and white rug

(Image credit: future)

A bedroom looks stylish and smart decorated in black and white, but if you stick to the monochromatic color palette religiously, it’s really important to make sure you add lots of texture to the room so that it is warm and welcoming.

“Use metallic accessories to add a new dimension to your black and white bedroom, antique brass works well as it’s not as brash as some of the other options, choose pieces that have interesting shapes like these two mirrors” , says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. “A thin-framed black iron bed creates a sculptural feel and gives this room a sense of symmetry.”

9. Balance black walls with white and stone

black and white bedroom, black walls, white ceiling, white bed linen, wall sconces, blue bedspread, taupe floral bed pillow, upholstered bed, artwork

(Image credit: future)

Black and white can completely change the mood of a room, but striking the right balance is key.

“You can keep black in one area – like the walls, and the rest can be stone, white, pale blue and mushroom,” says Melanie Griffiths, Managing Editor, Period Living. ‘This way you will create a wonderful balanced scheme that will be welcoming but not too dark. Introduce patterns in the form of pillows and artwork.’

10. Use black sparingly for an airy feel

white bedroom with black accents, parquet floor, black throw, mustard cushions, wall sconce, artwork, decorative ceiling, paneled walls, desk

(Image credit: future)

‘If you’re more of a light and airy style person but like the idea of ​​introducing black as a modern edge, use it sparingly to start with – eg a black blanket, a window frame painted in black desk and wall sconce, and add a pop of color with the mustard velvet bed pillows,” says Andrea Childs, Managing Editor, Country Homes & Interiors.

Is black and white good for a bedroom?

Black and white is a good choice for the bedroom because it can completely change the mood of the space. A black and white bedroom scheme is a brave choice, as it requires careful editing and a strong design eye. This type of interior can also appear “flat” if you do not introduce texture and subtle varieties of tones. But put together with care, it’s a great way to add drama and style.