Black Friday sale: Mirror’s best deal yet returns with $750 in savings

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The Mirror, a real mirror and LCD screen that lets you watch a virtual instructor as well as your reflection during an at-home workout, is on sale for $500 off plus free shipping — a $750 value. The sale is in progress now until November 29 with the coupon code BFCM21.

The mirror is excellent if you enjoy watching fitness videos on YouTube, but struggle to keep up with the instructor while learning to master the moves. There are over 50 different workout genres to choose from on the Mirror, including dance, boxing, pilates, yoga and strength training.

Although inventive, the Mirror is expensive. In addition to the off-sale price of $1,495 plus $250 shipping for the Mirror Basic (the cheapest mirror that doesn’t include things like heart rate monitors, yoga mats, and other frills while more expensive models do), there is a $39 per month fee for mirror classes with all models. With the sale, the Mirror Basic is $995.

That said, it’s hard to beat the creative freedom the Mirror brings to those who love to move and dance from the comfort of their own home. If you’re in the market for one, November is the time to buy.

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