Black Mirror episodes with the most shocking twists

The Charlie Brooker Anthology Series black mirror is perhaps one of the most gripping and disturbing shows of the past decade. In a mix of sci-fi and horror, each episode perfectly depicts the deterioration of our society as technology advances and transforms all aspects of our lives, while commenting on contemporary social issues through a dystopian lens of the future. close.

Forcing us to take a critical look at ourselves and the world around us, black mirror points to the damaging reality and even bleaker future for us as a society. The show quickly repopularized the TV anthology genre, and the cultural impact it had is impressive, with many people wanting to know all about season six, even with Brooker saying the world had gotten too depressing. to write one. There’s no doubt that the mind-bending episodes that confront dark and serious subject matter, and pull the rug out from under the viewer’s conscience with a major twist, resonated with fans until their jaws couldn’t drop anymore. Here are some of the most shocking twists from black mirror.

Spoiler alert: As this article is all about shocking twists, there will obviously be major spoilers ahead.


7 Crocodile

Fifteen years after Mia (Andrea Riseborough, of the British thriller here before) helps his friend Rob cover up a hit-and-run death, Rob wants to tell the truth about the murder. When Mia kills Rob to keep her past crimes a secret, she is unlucky enough to witness an accident from a window, catching the attention of private investigator Shazia, who uses callbacks to extract memories from people. Mia becomes completely exposed and thus murders Shazia, her husband and even their toddler to ensure that there are no witnesses left, in hopes that her secret will finally be safe, eventually digging herself a deep rabbit hole and dark.

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The plot twist in this episode is truly unexpected and shocking; what Mia didn’t know was that Shazia’s child was born blind and would not have been a witness. Not only did she kill an innocent child, but just when she thinks she got away with murder, Shazia’s guinea pig has seen it all. Just when the audience thinks her secrets will be locked away forever, the Guinea Pig’s memories are extracted by a recall and all of Mia’s murders are revealed. It’s just to show that the truth will always come out.

6 shut up and dance

Kenny’s laptop camera was used by an unknown hacker to record him pleasuring himself. They threaten him in a series of stacked blackmails, including a bank robbery with another blackmailed man, or they will leak his secret. Exploring themes of techno-paranoia, Kenny shoots and kills an unidentified man in the middle of the forest on the orders of his blackmailers.

While throughout the episode, it’s hard not to feel any sympathy for Kenny, audiences ignore the disturbing underlying reason for his desperate blackmail submission. When Kenny thinks he’s finally free, his mother phones him and yells at him for “watching the kids”. Kenny’s internet habits, which remained a mystery for most of the episode, are leaked by the hackers, and he is arrested for child pornography.

The shocking twist in this episode is that regardless of whether or not Kenny obeyed the pirates, he would have been caught, only now for multiple crimes instead. The horrifying and disturbing events that occur in the most ordinary, contemporary setting are what make this episode so disturbing, as well as the empathy the audience develops for someone who turns out to be a pedophile, offering the public a preview of very possible events. in real life. It shows us the power of the internet, of technology, and how easy it is to get caught up in your mistakes.

5 White Bear

Awakened without remembering who she is, Victoria is surprised to discover that strangers are filming her on smartphones. She encounters a masked assailant who intends to kill her, but she is saved by two strangers who tell her about the deterioration of society. The audience and the protagonist completely believe this story, but are about to be disturbed and shocked by the real reason for the hunt for Victoria.

Audiences quickly learn that she’s part of a bizarre game, a torturous reality TV-style punishment. As part of her punishment for killing a child, Victoria is forced to forget her daily experiences and who she is, so she can relive them over and over again in “White Bear Justice Park”. The plot twist in this episode is disturbing and shocking enough, but the possibility of such punishment in the future, with advances in the dark side of technology, is even scarier.

4 white christmas

This special Christmas episode features three interconnected stories that form a gruesome storyline. In a snowy cabin, two men tell each other stories. First, Matthew tells Joe something horrible about “cookie consciences”, which are digital clones of people. This prompts Joe to tell Matthew his story of murdering his partner Beth’s daughter and father after finding out the child was not his; getting a confession was Matthew’s intention.

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For his service and for getting Joe to confess, Matthew avoids prison for his role in an online group that watched himself seduce women, which resulted in his death. However, the audience is shocked to learn that he is still being punished and permanently banished from society as a sex offender. Meanwhile, the most disturbing conclusion is Joe’s cookie playing “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” on loop, which played while Joe was killing Beth’s father.

3 black museum

As Nish visits the Black Museum, Rolo Haynes describes his dedicated collection of genuine criminological relics in anthological excerpts. The main exhibit is a Clayton Leigh hologram; Rolo claims he was a murderer, but Nish points out the conflicting evidence. A visitor can activate an electric chair hologram of Clayton by pulling a lever, and a souvenir copy of his electrocution is made. It is revealed that Nish is Clayton’s daughter, and in revenge, Nish sabotaged the air conditioner and handed poisoned water to Rolo. As Rolo is in pain, Nish transfers him into Clayton’s hologram and electrocutes him. The biggest plot twist in this episode is that her mother lives within the scope of her conscience as she converses with her when she leaves.

2 Hated in the nation

This episode deals with the dark side of the internet and the power wielded by its supposedly anonymous users. The #Deathto trend is a key element in celebrity murder cases, when investigators uncover a gruesome voting system being used on Twitter. Social media users can select the celebrity they hate the most and bee-sized drones will assassinate them. What neither the audience nor the voters realize, and the episode’s biggest twist, is that the voters are the real targets, and the episode ends with a massacre of almost 400,000 people. This is the perfect message to stop spreading hate on the internet.

1 The National anthem

In black mirrorthe very first episode is also one of the most disturbing. The National anthem tells the story of the humiliation of the British Prime Minister, who is forced to have sex with a pig live on TV in order to save the kidnapped princess. Although, in a shocking twist unknown to the Prime Minister, it is revealed that the Princess had in fact been freed long before the event, rendering the Prime Minister’s actions meaningless.

In this episode, we learn a lot of important things about our time, like how politics is driven by the press, the public, and social media, and can never be kept secret. This episode shows how public opinion has become more important in the age of social media. The public now has more information and more power to change others’ minds. It was meant to show how much the public cares about the media. A lot of people don’t like this episode because it shows a very bleak picture of humanity and the way we act, but perhaps the most shocking twist in black mirror as a whole is how accurate it is about the human condition.

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