Black Mirror Season 6 Casts Body Bodies Star Myha’la Herrold

Considering life has been stranger than fiction lately, it’s no wonder the sixth season of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series black mirror stagnated for more than three years. Now that the creators and showrunners Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones gearing up again, the casting news has gotten fans excited with a whole list of favorites. More recently, according to Deadline, Body Body Body star Myha’la Herrold is on board for black mirror Season 6.

After being lit up in May, fans can expect even darker themes in black mirror Season 6, plus a more cinematic feel with each episode. After a number of casting announcements, audiences can expect more familiar faces, including those from HBO. Industry Herrold star. Details of her role or episode have not been released, and are unlikely to be until the show’s premiere. black mirror is known for keeping plot information tightly under wraps. Herrold joins a pretty stacked cast, including Emmy-nominated actresses Salma Hayek Pinault and Annie Murphy, Rory Culkin (Under the banner of heaven), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) and Aaron Paul (breaking Bad), Kate Mara (Card castle), Josh Hartnet, Top Gun: Maverickit is Danny Ramirez and Paapa Essiedu (The Lazarus Project).


While Herrold is a relatively new face on the big screen, she wastes no time making a name for herself in Hollywood. Following her highly acclaimed performance for the HBO drama series IndustryHerrold landed a role in Halina Reijnis a socially responsible black comedy Body Body Body like the ex with a chip on his shoulder. Herrold’s performance was gripping and tense, elevating the horrific aspect of a self-conscious jab at Gen Z and Millennials. His other credits include Hulu’s Plan B, modern loveand its recently packaged Netflix adaptation of leave the world behind with julia robert and Ethan Hawke.

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The futuristic worst-case scenario often highlights societal issues related to the advancement of technology and our increasing reliance on it. Episodes can range from deeply disturbing to rare heavenly vibes, but generally black mirror plays on the fear of human madness and our inability to trust. The Netflix show is, in a word, dark and yet darkly intriguing. The scripts are well-written and beautifully shot, each episode features an all-new director with unique styles, and often episodes will feature A-list celebrities as well. Previous episodes were directed by Peaky BlindersOtto Bathurst, Doctor Whoit is Euro Lyn and Pride and Prejudiceit is Joe Wright. With each season only featuring a small handful of episodes, the cast is sometimes dotted with big names like Nopeit is Daniel Kaluuya, Jon Hamm, Bryce Dallas Howard, Gugu Mbatha Raw, Mackenzie Davis, Captain America: New World Orderit is Anthony Macky and more.

There is currently no release date available, but production on black mirror Season 6 should start soon. You can watch the previous five seasons on Netflix and check out the Season 5 trailer below: