Black Mirror Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

Another day, another anthology series.

Black Mirror is one of the most anticipated shows. The individual episodes of the anthology series explore a variety of genres.

But the majority are set in near-future dystopias using science fiction technology – a category of speculative fiction. The Twilight Zone-inspired series uses advances to comment on current social issues.

This is the show that received upbeat reviews from critics, and audiences want to see more. The previous season of the show Season 5 premiered in 2019. And it has been almost 3 years of eager waiting.

You don’t seem to have to wait any longer. Are you ready to discuss Black Mirror Season 6? Get in.

Black Mirror Season 6 is officially on the cards

Oh yes! Absolutely. Black Mirror Season 6 is officially on the cards and it’s going to be more amazing than ever.

The show is expected to return to Netflix’s streaming platform with a new episode. The series is officially in production and casting for the upcoming season is already underway.

Season 6 of this anthology series will also get more episodes than season 5. That’s really wonderful to know. We will see a lot of things, and it will undoubtedly amaze us.

Brooker said something about the potential season at an outlet during the pandemic.

“At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about collapsing societies, so I’m not working on any of them. I’m kind of keen to review my comic book skills, so I wrote scripts aimed at making me laugh.

Black Mirror season 6 is going to be “more cinematic”

According to reports, the upcoming season will take on a more cinematic tone. And we take that as a sign that this season will be better than ever. The production start date for the upcoming season is still unknown.

But knowing that everything is in progress is one of the most satisfying feelings after years of waiting. The storyline for Season 6 has also been kept under wraps for now.

Each installment will be treated as a separate film. Brooker preferred to maintain the anthology strategy, with new stories, setups, characters, and actors for each episode. Because he thought it was an important part of enjoying shows like The Twilight Zone.

This approach has effectively set Black Mirror apart from current dramas and soap operas with recurring casts.

The future of Black Mirror season 6 was unclear

Well, a few months ago the future of the Black Mirror sequel was a bit hazy. Everyone started to believe that maybe we wouldn’t have another season. At the time, the series creator also talked about a possible sixth season.

“Maybe we should pick someone like Barack Obama, that would be nice. I imagine if we run out of ideas, we’ll stop. Brooker’s statement led everyone to believe that there is no would have more seasons.

Additionally, Black Mirror creator and lead writer Charlie Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones have both left House of Tomorrow, part of the Endemol Shine production powerhouse.

And that was yet another indication that the show had been canceled. But, fortunately, the tables have turned and things are moving in the right direction. Viewers of the show can now rest easy.

What do you think of this update? Are you looking forward to the next season of Black Mirror? You are welcome to leave your comments in the comments section below. And we’ll keep you posted on future developments at the show.