Black Mirror season 6 is officially happening on Netflix (details here)

Looks like stranger things isn’t the only Netflix original series to return after being on hiatus for years!

Finally, black mirror aka Netflix subscribers’ favorite sci-fi anthology series is finally returning to our screens, and, like millions around the world, we absolutely can’t contain our excitement.

June 2019 was the last time fans received new episodes of the Netflix series. While Season 5’s three stories about VR games, a rideshare kidnapper, and weird dolls that are little more than plastic and batteries were wickedly entertaining, they weren’t enough to satisfy the craving. of a new season. After all, black mirror is a spectacle that keeps us spellbound every year. New episodes aren’t just a want, they’re a need.

Luckily, we no longer have to wait for news of a Season 6 renewal. It’s already here! Read on to learn everything we know so far about black mirror season 6.

Black Mirror Season 6 Synopsis

Variety reports that as of now, the creators are keeping the ins and outs of each episode low. However, the outlet reported that the masterminds behind season 6 will treat each episode as “an individual movie,” which could be a telltale sign that new episodes longer than an hour will be the new normal for the season. original series.

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast and Crew

Currently, it is unknown if Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, the masterminds behind black mirrorwill return for Season 6. Brooker and Jones left the show’s production company, House of Tomorrow (under Endemol Shine Group), in January 2020 for undisclosed reasons.

However, knowing that Netflix has invested a lump sum of resources in Brooker and Jones in July 2020, it is possible that the two will return once again.

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode Count

black mirror The official episode count for Season 6 is not yet confirmed. However, it has been revealed that the upcoming season will have more episodes than season 5. The number of episodes, however, is anyone’s guess. (Hopefully more than 4!)

Now that black mirror is back, we’re sure to get new Netflix series content periodically, so stay tuned for more exciting updates at black mirror season 6!