It’s been a few years since we’ve had a new episode of Channel 4 (British PBS) become a Netflix exclusive anthology black mirror. Created and written by British satirist Charlie Brooker, each episode explores the range of technology-enhanced human experiences (mirrors/black screens, if you will). it), Brooker is also notRead More →

Footage from Ukraine shows the impact of Russian air assaults overnight and this morning, including missile and helicopter strikes in areas near the capital Kiev Video loading Video unavailable The video will start automatically soon8to cancel play now Ukraine: Large explosion as a missile hits Ivano-Frankivsk airport A missile wasRead More →

The following recap/review contains spoilers for Episode 4 of “Peacemaker.” For a review of episodes 1-3, click here. After the premiere of three episodes, Peacemaker returns this week with an emotionally charged fourth episode. After discovering the true intentions of “Project Butterfly”, Peacemaker (and now Vigilante) moves forward with theRead More →

In line with initiatives encouraging and supporting collaborative commitments between Sri Lanka and the Philippines through the fellowship of professionals and community leaders, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Manila has hosted a virtual introductory meeting between Rotary Club leaders of Colombo Reconnections (RCCR) and Rotary Club of the Circle ofRead More →

Air Force One on the ground at Nantucket Memorial Airport Tuesday evening. Photo by Tracy Halik The island is preparing for the arrival of the president (November 23, 2021) President Joe Biden and his family landed in Nantucket on Air Force One just after 7 p.m. Tuesday evening. They quicklyRead More →

One of toxic whiteness’ greatest successes is convincing white people that any discussion of racism is taboo and, ironically, racist. You’ve heard President Obama call him racist because during his tenure he talked about race. So white people like me don’t talk about race or racism. We don’t develop skillsRead More →

Mirrors are arguably an essential home decor piece worthy of an investment, especially when it comes to a statement mirror with a chic, edgy appeal that allows them to double as accent decor. . Obviously, mirrors are a must if you really want to see what you look like afterRead More →