Cop at murder scene adopts 5 children whose mother ‘shot their father’

When Nicholas Quintana was called in for an alleged murder last month, he couldn’t help but think of five children who were at the scene. After talking to his wife, he knew what he had to do for them

Nicolas took in the five children

Police officer Nicholas Quintana was enjoying his lunch break on January 14 when he received a call on his radio warning him of a suspected murder.

Although other cops witnessed the crime, Nicholas felt a “sudden urge” to go to the scene and answer the call.

The officer, based in Las Vegas, US, rushed to the scene where Emily Ezra, 40, had been arrested on suspicion of shooting dead her ex-husband, Paul.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the alleged murder took place while the couple’s five children were in the house.

Emily has since been charged with open murder with a deadly weapon.

Nicholas and his wife Amanda couldn’t stop thinking about the welfare of the children

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For Nicholas, the case hit home – as his own father had been murdered when he was growing up.

“For me, it brought back a memory from my childhood where my father was killed by a member of my family,” he explained to Fox News.

The police officer added that he was concerned for the children present at the scene, knowing that they were likely to be handed over to social services.

Back home, Nicholas told his wife Amanda about the harrowing crime he had been called up for – and suggested they offer to place the five children in foster care.

He said: “It’s understandable, she was absolutely reluctant about it. I was like, ‘Well listen, honey, meet them, because you might fall in love with these kids. Just meet them “.”

A few days later, the couple made an appointment with state child protective services. On the date, Nicholas and Amanda met the children and told them they wanted to take them in.

According to Nicholas, the eldest child, who is 16, was shocked by the proposal and said, “really?” to which the cop replied, “Yes.”

Speaking to the news channel, Nicholas said he always wanted to be a father and give his children the father figure he never had.

The Quintanas are currently going through the certification process as adoptive parents – and they have also suggested they want to adopt the children permanently in the future.

The North Las Vegas Police Officers Association has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to initially care for the children, as Nicholas and Amanda have not officially obtained their foster license.

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Since welcoming the children into his home, Nicholas said the “incredible” experience has been “very humbling”.

He said: “I’m thinking about every one of them, from the oldest to the youngest. Now I’m not just thinking about these decisions for my wife, now I’m thinking about these decisions for my wife and our children and our kids now. .”

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