Daily horoscopes – Russell Grant’s astrological sign prediction for Thursday, June 16

Russell Grant’s predictions for the day ahead advise Gemini to give their friends a pearl of wisdom, Cancer to expect the unexpected, and Leo to put aside their differences. These are the Thursday horoscopes.

For some, Thursday will be the day to use communication to resolve differences, while for others it may be time to see if those relationships are worth it.

It’s Thursday and for many zodiac signs it could be a test day for work relationships, friendships and romantic partners – according to the latest horoscopes from Russell Grant.

For some, Thursday will be the day to use communication to resolve differences, while for others it may be time to see if those relationships are worth it.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – Each of the 12 zodiac sign predictions should contain something that speaks to you and resonates with a deeper inner truth.

Today’s daily horoscopes for each star sign can be found below. These daily forecasts were compiled by astrologer Russell Grant, who has been reading the star signs for over 50 years.

From Aries to Pisces, here’s what your horoscope could bring today – and what you can do to prepare.


Someone you work with or talk to today is not trustworthy. You’ll sense who it is and you’ll do your best to make sure they don’t hear or see anything confidential. There is something you don’t want to spread in your community. Keep this knowledge to yourself.


Your friends and roommates will thank you for your practical advice. You are ready to put your financial situation in order. Once you have it all added up, you will know where you stand and this will allow you to plan your finances so that expenses are less than your income.


You have several options to choose from. Some ideas you want to experiment with could lead to dead ends. So be careful about the choices you make. It may be helpful to discuss this with a close relative if you need a second opinion.


Some kind of trip will be included in your plans or a friend will ask you to accompany him on a trip he has to take. An outing with a surprise destination will intrigue you a lot. There will also be an unexpected gift or offer somewhere along the line.


You are tired of how a close friend or partner tries to make you live your life according to their needs and preferences. It almost makes you want to walk away, but don’t completely turn your back on them. There are ways to overcome your differences.


Money matters are on your mind. If you’re in a relationship involving joint finances, you may need to set aside time to discuss future financial plans that also require your partner’s approval. You wish you could understand what a loved one is thinking.


Financial transactions are likely to focus on home and family. If you’re nearing the conclusion of a home sale or purchase, you won’t be able to relax until all the dotted lines are signed. Purchases made at this time will make improvements or help beautify your home.


Your mind is now focused on your more serious goals, and you just want to tackle important concerns. This may mean having to withdraw from a social arrangement at the last hour. A friend will be disappointed but you can’t help it. You need to stick to your priorities.


If you stay on top of everything that’s going on, you’ll also feel more in control of your life. Changes in the workplace can mean you have to learn new procedures or set up new routines and it won’t be half the inconvenience some people expected.


You will feel happier and relieved about how successfully a difficult situation was handled. You have high expectations of yourself and others. Even so, you are grounded and will not set your goals so high that they cannot be achieved. Patience will be rewarded.


A close partner or friend seems to lose interest in your life or other concerns. You wonder if they are about to leave you. Before asking frankly, try to discreetly discuss what is going on. You might find that they live up to their responsibilities, but they don’t want to neglect you at all.


Don’t wait for other people to choose when you think about what you all want to do. If you were hoping to visit a particular restaurant, see a certain movie, or book a vacation, even if other people resist your ideas, keep going. You don’t have to wait for someone else’s permission.

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