David Attenborough braves brutal -18C temperatures to visit the Arctic Circle aged 94

Sir David Attenborough will visit the Arctic Circle in -18C weather in a new BBC show – which was filmed just before the coronavirus pandemic

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The Green Planet: David Attenborough presents a new documentary

Stills from Sir David Attenborough’s new BBC series show him braving the Arctic Circle when it was -18C.

Filming for The Green Planet took place in northern Finland in 2020, just after the region experienced its heaviest snowfall in 38 years.

At one point Sir David, 95, had to stand in a waist-high snowdrift while a drone captured a scene.

The episode’s producer, Rosie Thomas, said it was a battle to protect the naturalist from the cold.

She said: “He had hot water bottles, electric blankets and he was wearing about six coats.”

But it could have been even worse. Rosie said: “I was there for 10 days and it snowed every day except the day David was there and the sun came out.”

David Attenborough visits the Arctic Circle


BBC Studios)

Executive producer Mike Gunton told how it was “quite an undertaking” for someone of Sir David’s age to film in such extreme conditions.

He also said the team was lucky to get the footage because filming took place just before the pandemic.

Mike said: “We got off the plane just as they were starting to shut everything down, so that was the last overseas filming trip we took. We got back just in time. »

Sir David was 93 when the scenes were filmed in February 2020 to show an extreme edge of the temperate climate zone.

He was 93 when filming


Patrick Avery)

The footage will air in tomorrow’s episode, which also features a very hot South Africa.

Rosie said: “It’s a habitat that depends on fire to burn it down. We filmed the story of a fire lily that has been waiting underground for 20 years. It is the first to arise after a fire. Three days later, in this completely burned landscape, these little red flowers emerge.

Tomorrow’s episode will also feature new findings about how trees communicate using underground fungi known as the “Wood Wide Web.”

* The Green Planet: Seasonal Worlds, BBC One, tomorrow, 7 p.m.

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