Delhi: A doctor shot in the face by 2 men in an attempt to snatch his car | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: A young resident doctor at Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital in Jaffarpur Kalan, south-west Delhi, was shot in the face when two men tried to steal his car at gunpoint near the local police station. On Monday evening, the 26-year-old doctor was at a tea stall at the time, having parked his car nearby. One of the two men entered the car even as Dr Hemant Mudgal was driving it to the emergency wing of the hospital. Seeing the doctor resist, the accused first struck Mudgal with the butt of the pistol and then shot him before fleeing. The car was later found abandoned 2 km from the hospital.
Police say the incident was reported around 8:30 p.m. Monday. Mudgal, who was working night shifts, parked his recently purchased Verna car at a tea vendor’s stall opposite the hospital. He bought a cigarette and tea. Later, when he approached his car, two men tried to force their way into the vehicle. Mudgal, showing presence of mind, backed up, causing one of the men to fall, then headed quickly towards the hospital premises. The second man, however, managed to hold his ground and when Mudgal stopped the car outside the emergency room he bludgeoned him with the butt of the pistol and fired two shots. One blow hit the doctor in the chin while the other shattered the rear-view mirror.
A bleeding Mudgal threw himself out of the car, while the intruder jumped into the front seat and grabbed the steering wheel. Ambulance driver Mahesh Kumar, who witnessed the incident, recalled: “The man backed up, climbed up a path and then walked towards the second gate, which he found closed. So he sped towards the main door again, which the security guards tried to close. The man, however, broke through the gate and drove at high speed towards the village of Jaffarpur Kalan.
Shankar Chaudhary, DCP (Dwarka), said: “Police staff at the hospital sprang into action and alerted others. We recovered the abandoned car in a field near the village. We also recovered the locally made pistol used in the commission of the crime. Investigators are working on the case and they hope to catch the accused soon.
Tea vendor Satya Prakash said doctors from the hospital regularly come to take a break from his stall. “Dr. Hemant Mudgal came over to smoke a cigarette and had a cup of tea. When I heard the gunshots, I rushed out of the store to see what was going on,” Prakash said. “A doctor who was standing outside the store and returning home was hit as the accused escaped in the car.”
The hospital’s medical superintendent said Mudgal was on night duty in the emergency room and had just arrived for work. “He was injured and he told the doctor on the evening duty who treated him about the criminal who had shot him and drove away with his car,” the hospital official told the media. “The accused broke down the door of the hospital while fleeing. The security guard said the accused was driving at least 150 km/h and crashed in front of the door.
The doctor was recovering in Medanta.