Did Fantastic Beasts 3 just introduce its own Mirror Dimension?

Part of what makes the wizarding world such a unique yet always engaging universe is that it’s always full of surprises. While this can come in the form of new uses for classic items like a Deluminator or with weird non-priority creatures like a dragon, it can also come in places. Witches and wizards are no strangers to hiding their magical activities in plain sight with places like Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. However, the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets can hide a whole new dimension of mirror in plain sight.

Dumbledore’s secrets seeks to bring the Headmaster of Hogwarts directly into conflict with the demons of his past. On the one hand, he must finally face his friend and nemesis Grindelwald in what is sure to be a duel of epic proportions. However, another unlikely battle also occurs between Dumbledore and his new brother Aurelius Dumbledore, aka Credence. While there’s still a lot to discover with the character, there’s no denying that his existence as an Obscurial makes him one of the most powerful and unpredictable wizards around. But because of the damage an Obscurial can inflict on an area, a theory from SuperCarlinBrothers thinks Dumbledore is taking the battle to a much safer place.

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Some footage from the trailer shows Aurelius standing in the street across from Albus. However, the signage behind it is upside down. While it’s possible this is just an edit choice, it’s more peculiar because there’s also a scene where Albus is on Aurelius with a Deluminator. When he opens it, the camera rolls and they turn, forming a shadow realm in the real world. While it’s possible this is a tactic to capture an Obscurus, it could also show two battles taking place on different planes: one in the real world and another in a mirror world similar to this. which is shown in strange doctor.

In strange doctor, the mirror dimension is an area that the conjurer can manipulate. Although it looks like the real world, it is more geometric and bends with sharp edges, like broken glass. It is equally strong and fragile in that immense force can pull a person out of it, but it can also be a space to practice spells and even fight. The security it provides also protects the real world from harm or loss of life.

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Because Aurelius has magic within him and a powerful creature that is virtually uncontrollable, the chances that he can decimate any given area are high. This is even teased when Aurelius uses building debris to attack Albus. Taking them both to a mirror world that protects others is a strategic and smart move to keep the humans safe in the region. However, this realm may also be specifically designed for duels at a time when formal battles never arose.

It’s possible that a mirror realm or one resembling it is at the heart of this particular battle. If true, it might raise questions about why he was never seen again. That said, his absence could serve as a lesson in how battle magic has evolved over the years. What was once a more formal affair has since become something Death Eaters don’t have time for. Guerrilla tactics now take center stage and the age of true duels is all but over.

To see if a new world exists in the wizarding world, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore hits theaters on April 15.

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