Discovery just introduced another mirror universe?

A surprise character in Star Trek: Discovery is revealed to be from an alternate universe, but Mirror Universe fans may not be used to it.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery Season 4, Episode 7, “…But to Connect,” streaming now on Paramount+.

One of the oldest tropes in star trek The franchise is the Mirror Universe, a parallel dimension where lookalikes of familiar faces exist in a morally inverted fashion, often veering toward brutal conquest and violence as they embrace their lowest impulses as part of the land empire. After being introduced into Star Trek: The Original Seriesthe Mirror Universe has played a major role throughout Star Trek: Discovery, with lookalikes of Mirror Universe’s Gabriel Lorca and Philippa Georgiou entering the main Star Trek universe and playing prominent roles in Starfleet. And as the United Federation faces a huge crisis in the 32nd century, a new mirror universe may have surfaced, with a character claiming to be from it.

When the USS Discovery was transported over 900 years into the future at the end of Discovery Season 2, arriving in the 32nd century, Michael Burnham learned from Starfleet official Doctor Kovich that contact with the Mirror Universe was virtually nil. Kovich explained that the mirror universe had gradually drifted away from the main Star Trek universe into the expanding multiverse over time, and had evidently become inaccessible. As the Federation meets to determine the best way to deal with a dark matter anomaly running amok in the galaxy, one of the participants reveals that they are actually from a parallel universe, suggesting that he are other mirror universes forming in the growing multiverse.

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When unscrupulous scientist Ruon Tarka first met the crew of the Discovery, he claimed to be from the planet Risa while working with chief engineer Paul Stamets to analyze data collected on the anomaly. Tarka immediately rubbed those he worked with the wrong way, with Saru and Stamets finding his abrupt candor and self-glorifying tendencies to be abrasive. It becomes dangerous when Tarka nearly destroys the Discovery with an experimental device to undo the anomaly. Undeterred, Tarka offers at a Federation assembly to use a more advanced form of his device to neutralize the anomaly. This suggestion proves controversial when Tarka admits that his device is Modified Isolytic Weaponry, a technology banned by the Federation through the Khitomer Accords due to the permanent damage it causes to subspace.

Speaking to Cleveland “Book” Booker privately, Tarka reveals that he is stuck in this universe of an alternate universe, dismissing Book’s hypothesis that he is from the mirror universe. Instead, Tarka reveals that there are a growing number of parallel universes and divergent timelines, and that the power core of the device generating the anomaly is powerful enough to send it back to its original dimension. Considering Tarka’s more stubborn and acerbic nature, this certainly fits the conventional mirror universe, as well as Tarka’s willingness to use illegal weapons and cause damage to this universe just so he can to return to his place.

Of course, there’s nothing Tarka presents beyond his word to back up his claim that he’s from a different universe, let alone the fact that there are an increasing number of parallel universes to the main universe of Star Trek. Still, Book and Tarka share a common goal in taking down the Anomaly, with Book driven by the Anomaly destroying his home planet of Kwejian at the start of Season 4. With that in mind, the pair decide to use the Tarka’s apparatus in open defiance of how the Federation assembly votes to proceed. And with Book and Tarka now on the run with their illegal mission, Book will learn just how trustworthy this apparent visitor from another universe, Tarka, truly is.

Developed for TV by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 releases new episodes Thursdays on Paramount+.

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