Ed Sheeran hints when he’ll retire as he plans to ‘match’ Coldplay career

Los Angeles, Sept. 3 (IANS): Chart-topping star Ed Sheeran has enjoyed huge success since first bursting onto the music scene in 2011, but fans need to prepare as his retirement is only a few years away.

The 31-year-old chart-topping star may still be as fresh-faced as he was when he burst onto the music scene over a decade ago, reports mirror.co.uk.

Sheeran, who has scored five number one albums and 10 number one singles in his career so far, says he wants to emulate Coldplay’s success and retire at the top of his game after a 20-year career.

The Sun reports that he said at a recent conference: “My next step is . . . Coldplay has done 20 years, so I would love to get to 20 years in my career. I feel like that is an achievable step.

“But it’s still quite scary because it’s far away. I’m very young in my career compared to someone like U2 or Coldplay, but U2 and Coldplay are two bands that I watch with avidity.

He went on to congratulate U2 and Coldplay on their successful careers which now lead to successful sold-out arena tours.

Sheeran burst onto the music scene in 2011, which means he’s only given himself nine more years to create albums and tracks.

Her debut single, “The A Team”, was released in June 2011 and peaked at number three on the singles chart.

Her first number-one single, “Sing,” was released in 2014, while her other chart-toppers include “Shape of You” and her Justin Bieber duet “I Don’t Care.”

Meanwhile, his five full-length studio albums released to date have topped the album charts.

Sheeran has, however, threatened to quit music in the past, saying he would give up his career once he becomes a father.

However, after marrying Cherry Seaborn and welcoming their first child, Sheeran previously said, “I actually convinced myself that I was never going to sing or pick up guitar again. I was like, ‘No. That’s it. I quit”

“I asked, what is most important to my daughter and my family? Is it to be there 110% of the time and not go to London for a day (…) Or is it to have a daughter who knows that her mother and father have a great ethics of work and really love their work?

Sheeran however announced his semi-retirement at the age of 28 in August 2019 but came out of his self-imposed exile but returned to the spotlight just over a year after leaving the music scene.