Energia customers will see their bills increase by 15% from next month

Gas and electricity supplier Energia is to raise prices by up to 15% in the coming month.

The company said the increases are the result of a “prolonged period of high prices in the global energy market.”

Customers will see an increase in both electricity and gas, with an increase of €4.75 per week for the average electricity customer and €3.35 for the average gas customer.

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The cost increase will take effect from April 25.

Andy Meagher, Energia’s Customer Solutions Manager for the Republic of Ireland, said: “Wholesale gas and electricity prices have increased significantly over the past few months.

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“We are keenly aware that these global issues impact our customers locally, and we remain committed to providing the best value and service.”

He said the company had done its best to absorb increases in wholesale and commodity costs, but added price changes were inevitable.

Mr Meagher said: “Overall, we have limited the total cost increase to customers where possible, and we will continue to review the market and work with our customers to help them manage invoices if necessary.”

The news comes after Bord Gais Energy announced this month that it would end its winter price commitment, saying wholesale costs had risen too much.

ad saw electricity bills are rising by 27%, while the average gas bill will increase by 39%.

In a statement, the supplier said: “With high global wholesale energy costs and market volatility is expected to continue for some time Bord Gais Energy today confirmed that its winter price commitment, which protected customers during the colder winter period, is coming to an end.

“Unfortunately, the company is increasing the average electricity bill by 27% and the average gas bill of 39% . The changes will come into effect on April 15, 2022.”

The company said it recognizes that some customers will find it difficult to manage their bills Bord Gais Energy has therefore put in place additional supports and services to help you.

He said: “Working in partnership with the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) and other charities, Edge Gais Energy is setting up an energy support fund and will provide personalized advice to help customers.”

Dave Kirwan, managing director of Bord Gáis Energy, said the company would do its best to navigate these unprecedented moments with customers .

He said: “We know today’s announcement is not good news. As part of Centrica plc, and with decades of local experience, we will get through these unprecedented times with our customers. However, there have been continuous increase in wholesale energy costs over the past two years, especially over the past 12 months. This, combined with the expectation that costs will remain both high and volatile for some time, means we are forced to raise our prices.

“We know that Every client’s situation is different , and we are committed to helping those who need it most. This is why we are announcing a €1.25 million energy support fund on top of the services we already have in place.”

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