Every season of Black Mirror, ranked by shock factor

Calling all lovers of dystopian thrillers – if you’re one of the many, you’ll love it Black mirror. by Charlie Brooker The anthology show has transformed over the years of its five-season run, reimagining the anthology genre through incredible twists and turns exploring the dark side of technology all that entails.

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The show covers a plethora of topics from the darker side, with each episode leaving viewers in awe of the unfolding horrors. Over time, the show’s content evolved and touched on topics previously unheard of in previous seasons. One thing remains undisputed – every season is shocking in one way or another.

Season 5

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The last season of black mirror anticipation was working in his favor, but not much else. For one thing, the season has fewer episodes than the previous ones, which viewers weren’t very happy with, especially after such a long wait for the season to drop.

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The three episodes offered to us seem to lack the heartbreaking shock that accompanies the previous seasons of black mirror. With Miley Cyrus guest starred in one episode, and the other two episodes seeming to be similar to previous seasons, the episodes were really good, but compared to other seasons, not nearly as shocking.



Black Mirror Bandersnatch characters watching a video game demo

Although not technically a season, the Bandersnatch The film is part of the Black Mirror universe, breaking boundaries as an extremely sophisticated interactive film where viewers can choose their own path. An interesting concept, certainly, but as viewers have come to find out, limiting in its execution.

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The film tends to over-rely on the interactive aspect of film, with the actual plot of the film certainly not being the most interesting, especially compared to other Black Mirror installments. With this lack of interest also comes a lack of shock factor, which is why Bandersnatch is not at the top in these conditions.

Season 4

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black mirror Season 4 was brilliantly crafted, with some fan-favorite episodes coming from this season. From “USS Callister” being one of the most unique episodes of the series, even demanding a sequel, to Mia’s jaw-dropping descent into madness in “Crocodile“, the six episodes that make up season 4 are incredibly interesting.

Compared to previous seasons, the ideas that come out in Season 4 are arguably more unique. Despite that, they can’t top the shock factor that comes from the show’s first three seasons, which are jaw-dropping at best.

Season 2

Victoria Black Mirror White Bear Running Cropped

black mirror Season 2 is a collection of four episodes of what black mirror does the best – each episode arrives with a unique angle, keeping audiences guessing throughout. From “White Bear” boasting arguably one of the most shocking plot twists of the entire series to “Be Right Back” breaking hearts everywhere, this season is a great successor to the first season.

Season 2 loses rating due to “The Waldo Movement” which is widely considered to be one of the weakest episodes of the series as a whole. The episode was deeply rooted in politics, reality and didn’t feel like a dystopian type black mirror episode, which makes it much less shocking than episodes from other seasons.

Season 1

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The fact that no one knew what to expect with the initial release of black mirror ensured that the first season blew viewers away. Themes such as corruption, envy, political exploitation, and more shape what is known as a brilliant start to a brilliant show.

“The National Anthem” as an intro episode was shocking in its very premise, while “Fifteen Million Merits” and “All Your Story” gave us brilliant performances of Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker and get out Daniel Kaluyone while providing the perfect premise to base the rest of the seasons of black mirror to.

Season 3

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After moving to Netflix, the third season of black mirror remains its most surprising. With a larger budget, grander storylines, and large-scale scares, the season is home to some of the show’s most shocking episodes, such as “Shut Up And Dance,” “Nosedive,” and “Playtest.”

Arguably one of Black Mirror’s best episodes, “San Junipero” manages to surprise viewers against the backdrop of an uplifting love story. What all Season 3 episodes have in common, ultimately, is their ability to leave you in absolute shock.

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