First-Ever ‘Black Mirror’ Movie Cast Confirmed in New Photo

The cast of the very first black mirror movie, which will debut on Netflix just before the end of the year, has been confirmed in a new photo.

Some eagle-eyed Twitter users have spotted a new image on the streaming platform that shows three of the film’s actors. Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk), Will Poulter (The maze Runner), and Asim Chaudhry (people do nothing) can be seen in the photo, gathered around a computer.

The film, titled Bandersnatch, East reported to clock in at 90 minutes. A landing page on Netflix confirmed it was a movie, with the words “a Netflix movie”. It is expected to arrive online on December 28.

The film is also listed on its own page, far from the other 19 episodes of Black Mirror. Netflix says the film is “mind-blowing, quirky, cerebral, and dark.”

You can see a screenshot from Netflix below.

Speaking about the idea of ​​a Black Mirror movie earlier this year, Brooker said NME that would be unlikely. “We would need a really good idea to make a movie…because we feel like they’re small movies anyway. So unless we have an idea that requires $300 million, I think we’re incredibly lucky to do what we’re doing.

When it comes to season five, Brooker keeps his cards close to his chest. “I can never confirm or deny anything about season five. Season four was literally written around the time of the US election and the Brexit vote and that sort of thing,” he said. NME.

“I think there was a deliberate, ‘Okay, I don’t see how all of this stuff is going to play out.’ In fact, though, I think you end up commenting on stuff like that anyway, gloomily, it felt like what we shouldn’t do was say “Here’s the Brexit episode!”, because we we would probably be wrong in the thick of it.

“Also, like everyone back then, I was like, ‘Holy shit! I’m gonna keep my head down and write because the world is about to explode! Let me see if I can type That before a fucking meteoroid crashes. What’s gonna happen next? An asteroid? I don’t know. The fucking ground meat is gonna get sentient and start crawling out of the wrapper and walk away – I wouldn’t be surprised.