Horrifying dash cam footage shows mum begging for her life before she was shot

Christi Spicuzza of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania got a fare and picked up 22-year-old Calvin Crew from Penn Hills, but 10 minutes into the trip he allegedly pulled out a gun and held her back of his head.

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Christina Spicuzza: US police discuss details of Uber driver’s murder

Dashcam footage shows a mother pleading with a thief to spare her life before she is allegedly shot dead.

The driver of an Uber taxi begged the passenger before, police say, she was killed in an attempted robbery.

Christi Spicuzza implored the client: “I beg you, I have four children”

The scene is captured in gruesome dashcam video footage, reports The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Spicuzza, 38, was found dead in a woods Feb. 12 in Monroeville, the Allegheny County Police Department said.

The driver got a fare and picked up Calvin Crew, 22, from Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, but ten minutes into the ride he allegedly pulled out a gun and held it to the back of his head .

Spicuzza said in the video footage, “You must be kidding,” Spicuzza before backtracking and realizing it was a gun.

Details of the crime were described in a criminal complaint reportedly obtained by the Post-Gazette.

Christi Spicuzza pleaded with Calvin Crew not to hurt her during the taxi ride, pleading with the suspect that she had four children.

Christi Spicuzza begged Calvin Crew not to hurt her during the cab ride

The crew allegedly told her to ‘keep driving’ as she begged him in the ‘Come on, I got a family’ video.

But he retorted: “I have a family too, now drive.”

Crew was arrested on Thursday and now faces charges of criminal homicide, robbery and tampering with evidence.

The driver’s family reported her missing after she had not returned home.

Brandon Marto, fiancé of Christi Spicuzza, and their children

Cops found the dashcam near the area where Crew allegedly asked to be dropped off, according to the complaint.

Allegheny County Police Superintendent Christopher Kearn told a news conference the crew’s motivation was theft.

The Uber driver’s family reported him missing on February 11.

Police said she drove through several neighborhoods with Crew allegedly in the back according to GPS records.

Christi Spicuzza’s car was found with the missing dash cam and her purse still inside

Spicuzza’s fiancé Brandon Marto posted on Facebook asking for help after reporting her missing

He wrote: “I hope Christi will be home soon, but I’m so scared because inside the car was her purse, and she would NEVER EVER leave her purse in the car. This pain is unreal.”

He said he usually checked in with him every hour while she was driving.

The Facebook message left by Christi’s partner

But he hadn’t heard from her and put their four children to bed after their last correspondence and woke up at 4am to find she hadn’t been in touch

The complaint states that Crew received a message from his girlfriend Tanaya Mullen saying “[I’m] don’t go to jail if we get caught.

Police were reportedly told by Mullen that his gun was missing after he brought it to a birthday party for one of Crew’s relatives.

A police car at the crime scene

It’s not known if the gun was used to shoot Spicuzza, but police say Mullen has not been charged.

According to the Post-Gazette, Crew was scheduled to appear before District Judge Robert Dzvonick on Friday.

He is being held in the Allegheny County Jail pending an initial hearing scheduled for February 25.