Horror Anthology Spectro Gives Real-Life Anxieties A Black Mirror Spin

AfterShock Comics is partnering with acclaimed artist Juan Doe, who will write and illustrate a new one-shot sci-fi horror anthology titled Spectro.

The iconoclastic comic book publisher AfterShock Comics is in partnership with acclaimed artist Juan Doe (Bad Reception, American Monster, Batman: Joker’s Asylum), to create Spectro a one-shot horror anthology in prestige format with a sci-fi twist that draws inspiration from media such as black mirror. Juan Doe, who directs all creative duties for the anthology, hopes to conjure up vintage horror sci-fi stories such as weird science and says that Spectro going to be a”a tribute to this philosophy of cosmic horror.”

AfterShock Comics has become known in recent years for operating an interesting hybrid model of part independent publisher and part traditional publisher, with many big names at the helm of its comics and graphic novels while all Published works remain the property of the creator. Spectro is written, illustrated, colored and written by Doe and is the latest in a series of beautiful and thought-provoking horror comics from AfterShock, such as midnight rose by Jim Starlin, which will debut in April. Doe’s new comic will be an interconnected horror anthology delving into the deep anxieties and insecurities of our current society.


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An overview and summary of Spectro released by CBR only reveals more questions about the mysterious and mind-bending anthology. Using the lens of sci-fi and horror, Doe told CBR that he sets out to tackle universal themes such as “fear of social failure and its consequences. The fear of not being recognized, appreciated or seen. Fear of success, of giving in to your ego. The fear of hope, of believing in something good that may never come. “He said the four tales in the comedy horror anthology would each have their own worlds and characters, but”would make all the stories seem tangentially linkedCheck out the textless preview images and synopsis below for even more cosmic confusion.

SPECTRO explores the disturbing specter of fear through four terrifying stories rooted in a cosmic game of twisted karma and spooky terror:

1. What is at stake when sentient technology manipulates a man with projections of his desired self?

2. What are the consequences of the excommunication of a member of the “nine” planets?

3. What do we discover when an explorer travels to Mars to climb the highest mountain in the solar system?

4. What happens when a scientist aboard the International Space Station comes face to face with the most gruesome aspects of humanity?

In what realm of fear do these stories exist? SPECTRUM.

From the preview images alone, even without text, it’s clear that the art and story of Spectro is going to be fabulous and incredibly engaging. While it’s hard to discern exactly what’s going on in the footage, there’s clearly a very black mirror-a futuristic technology that seems to govern or influence the day-to-day life choices of what appears to be the protagonist of this particular story. It may seem like a simple weight scale at first glance, but judging by Doe’s explanation of his take on the Anxiety Anthology, this scale is going to be nothing like what it appears to be.

Based on AfterShock’s huge catalog of amazing comics, ranging from YA horror to screwed up Santa stories, plus Juan Doe’s long history of producing beautiful and meaningful works, one can predict with enough confidence that Spectro is going to be a great new anthology. Be sure to check out Juan Doe’s new horror anthology Spectro published by AfterShock Comics when it debuts on May 18, 2022.

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