How Suicide Squad’s unreal mirror plan was carried out

Secrets to The Suicide Squad’s iconic mirrored helmet fight scene are broken down by VFX artists from Corridor Crew’s in a YouTube video.

Corridor Crew’s VFX artists broke down James Gunn’s The suicide squadThe impressive showdown with a mirrored helmet filmed in a recent YouTube video. The confrontation that took place between the two members of Task Force X was a turning point in the plot of the film. The fight between Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag and John Cena’s Peacemaker was memorable for his unique perspective through the reflection on Peacemaker’s helmet.

After the truth behind the US government’s involvement in Project Starfish is revealed by Peter Capaldi’s The Thinker, Flag attempts to take the evidence off a hard drive and expose it to the world. Flag is stopped by Peacemaker, who holds the Colonel at gunpoint after revealing that Waller instructed him to destroy all evidence of US government involvement to cover up the situation. Gunn has discussed the fight before, with the director revealing it was a nightmare to film, and now the fight has been cut short by VFX artists.


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Popular VFX YouTube Channel Digital Corridor recently snapped the fight scene as part of their series, “VFX artists react to Bad & Great CGI,“in which the team breaks down shots from popular movies and TV shows. The team praised the shot before discussing the difficulty of filming with headset reflections while hiding the camera and the They then broke down the shot, explaining how Gunn and his team could have placed the camera on the ground watching the two actors film the first fight before filming the helmet and projecting the fight onto the helmet afterwards. Full breakdown can be seen in the video below.

Gunn previously shared his own breakdown when asked by a fan, which is largely what Corridor Crew shared in their own video. Corridor Crew broke the scene down further, discussing all the possible mistakes that could arise in such a complex shot. For example, they pointed out that the bloom on the helmet doesn’t exactly reflect what would happen in real life. However, the team says the imperfections don’t detract from the impressive end product.

When it comes to effects in the movies, Gunn prefers practical stunts, but also said he doesn’t think less of VFX artists. Gunn’s point of view is a perfect reflection on how effects should be handled in movies. Rather than pitting one sort of approach against the other, the two should be praised when done right and preferably used side by side to achieve the best visually stunning images audiences can receive. Without such measured management of effects, many The suicide squad ‘the most distinctive and impressive moments would probably not have been achieved.

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Source: Corridor Crew / YouTube

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