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Are you just chilling out at home in cute loungewear? Maybe you went out for a run or hit the gym without meeting someone you know. Either way, don’t let a great outfit go to waste. Seriously, show off your style and take a mirror selfie.

Ready to capture your next best mirror selfie for Instagram? Read on to find out how to take a great mirror selfie!

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How to take a selfie in the mirror

Unlike regular selfies that only capture part of your look, you can get a full-body shot in one frame with mirror selfies. Plus, you have full creative control of the shot, from the lighting to the different angles you shoot.

Let’s explore the anatomy of a great mirror selfie, step by step.

Configure (and clean) your mirror

Determine where you are shooting. Is it a picture in front of a bathroom mirror? Or is it an #OOTD photo that requires a full length mirror? Some people even buy mirrors with funky frames or shapes just for aesthetics!

If you can, place your mirror in a well-lit area of ​​your home. You can even take mirror selfies outside if you can – leafy vibes have become all the rage during the pandemic.

Don’t forget to make sure your selfie mirror is spotless. Maybe the whole dusty grunge vibe is your aesthetic, but for most people, a dirty mirror can be off-putting.

Find the best lighting

Rule #1 when taking a photo: lighting is everything – you’ll get an amazing photo with good natural lighting. Better yet, shoot during the golden hour, as the sun’s warmth is more flattering to your skin. This is also the perfect time to play with shadows and silhouettes.

If you don’t have enough natural light where you are, you can always simulate natural sunlight with diffused ring light. You can also warm up your photo with a filter.

Tidy up your background

We understand that not all of us can carry around a huge full-length mirror. Usually our mirrors are found in our bedrooms, bathrooms or even living rooms, spaces that can get messy at times. So get rid of the clutter. Make sure nothing embarrassing appears in your image.

If you want to elevate your photo, set up your foreground and background, strategically placing furniture or decorative elements here and there.

Pro Tip: Match the space around your selfie mirror to your Instagram account aesthetic.

Determine your outfit (if applicable)

A mirror selfie is the perfect opportunity to let your followers focus on what you’re wearing. That’s why models and content creators love it so much.

Stand out among the ever-growing sea of ​​mirror selfie photos with vibrant colors, contrasting textures, and interesting layers. Or, you know, show off your body. No need to organize a whole outfit for this. In the words of powerhouse Kim Kardashian “Naked selfies until I die.”

Strike a pose and pay attention to those angles

Flaunt this outfit. Or show off all that hard work you put in at the gym. Flex that arm, take a cheeky bathroom mirror selfie to show off your six-pack. Basically, experiment with new poses and discover your best angle! Mirror selfies are a fun way to flirt with yourself, build confidence, and capture your personality.

Look at your phone, not your screen

A common mistake when taking mirror selfies: looking at your own reflection. That, or watching you on your phone screen. It’s not the most flattering, especially if you’ve worked so hard to maintain your image.

The next time you take a picture in the mirror, look straight at your phone. Specifically, the camera lens is reflected in the mirror. It looks like you’re making eye contact with the viewer, which feels fierce.

Aesthetic Mirror Selfie Poses You Must Try Next

You’ve heard of the saying “Image is everything”. Well, the perfect mirror selfie is nothing without you looking good in it. So don’t be shy. Pause the front camera for a moment. Set up this self-timer and go into photo mode with these different poses (and our tips for achieving them). Oh, and don’t forget to take burst mode photos in case you accidentally move or blink.

Place your phone near or in front of your face

This one is probably one of the most common mirror selfie poses, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Rest your head on one hand, keep that phone close to your face, and snap! Don’t forget to slightly stretch your neck and stick your chin out to bring out that jawline! Or you can add a bit of mystery to your photo by covering half or all of your head with your phone.

Put your best foot forward

We have a trick to lengthen your legs. Tilt your selfie mirror a little, pull your torso down, put one foot in front of the other, and point your toe.

You can also make your pose more casual. Stand on one leg, but don’t lean back. You don’t want to look uncomfortable.

Do everything for the outfit

Like we said, mirror selfies are the best way to capture the perfect OOTD. A way to highlight your ensemble? A neutral backdrop and a pose that keeps you in shape in one frame.

Need an example? Stretch (or cross) those legs to show off the pants you have on sale. Run a hand through your hair and press your elbow against the wall. It works well if you wear something with funky sleeves.

An easy way to take an avant-garde photo? Squat down or lie on the floor.

Take a frame in a frame photo

Let’s say you came across a mirror with an interesting frame. Or you have found the perfect one for your vanity and want to create your first GRWM photo with it. Sit or stand a little further from the mirror so that everything is in the picture.

Pro Tip: Activate the camera grid and align it with the mirror for a balanced image.

Crop your camera or use a tripod

Want to know how to take a mirror selfie without the phone showing up? It’s a pretty cool way to make it look like someone else is taking your photo.

Make room next to your mirror and set up your camera, ideally on a tripod. The camera should not be reflected in the mirror, but you can still crop it. Then just tilt and move your camera until you find a good angle.

A window works just as well

Although it is not a selfie mirror per se, you can also use a sliding glass door or a floor mirror on a sunny day. It’s a creative way to take a good picture of your figure. Bonus points if you also show off your scenic vacation spot!

Don’t be afraid of the flash

Maybe you want to recreate those MySpace-era mirror images, or maybe there’s really nothing you can do to save your lighting situation. Here’s how to take a good mirror selfie with flash.

Experiment with flash angles and settings to see where the light hits. You can also combine this with the tips we mentioned earlier for taking mirror selfies without showing the camera. Position it somewhere outside of the mirror reflection and crop it if necessary.

Use a Polaroid or camera

Fun fact: one of the world’s first mirror selfies is taken by the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. Recreate that aesthetic of yesteryear by learning how to take a mirror selfie with a Polaroid or camera. As with most of our boards, angles and experimentation are key. Position your photo well and be careful of flash as it can damage your camera lens.

No mirror? No problem

Some bonus tips for those of you who just want to know how to take a full body selfie without a mirror. For this you will need space. Place your phone a safe distance from where you are going to land. Go back to your front camera, position your body in the image that appears on your screen, activate your self-timer and start taking pictures.

The perfect mirror selfie is a snap

As a society, we have come a long way when it comes to mirror images. From digital cameras and flip phones in the early 2000s to trending photos on celebrity news. With more and more creative people on Instagram, mirror selfies are much more versatile than before.

Despite this, taking a perfect mirror selfie remains extremely simple. All you need? A mirror (obviously), a phone, the right pose and angle, and lots of experimentation. Have fun with your next selfie photoshoot – we love to see it!

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