Injured Mirror Dancer Mo Li’s Condition Changes From Serious To Stable

The condition of Mo Li, the dancer who was most seriously injured during the Mirror concert in July, has further improved from serious to stable. But Chang Tsz-Fung, the other dancer injured in the infamous crash, recently revealed his recovery has not been smooth.

Responding to media inquiries on Tuesday, a Queen Elizabeth Hospital spokesperson said Li had been transferred to a neurosurgery ward and his vital signs were stable.

Meanwhile, Chang shared a rare story on Instagram last Friday to update his followers on his recovery.

Screenshot of Chang Tsz-fung’s Instagram story.

“After a series of intensive treatments, my body and mind are exhausted and the condition of my body has deteriorated. [getting better sometimes and getting worse at other times]. It’s hard to sleep every night, but I’ll try to cope,” he wrote in the story.

Li suffered severe nerve damage while Chang suffered injuries to his pelvis and cervical spine after a huge video screen fell in the middle of the Hong Kong Coliseum stage as they performed during the concert.

Separately, Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li revealed on Monday that he visited Li last week and offered a donation of HK$10 million ($1.27 million) to the family. of Li.

Li is the chairman of PCCW, the parent company of concert organizers Mirror MakerVille and Music Nation.

But the Reverend Derek Li, Mo Li’s father, has declined the offer for now, saying in a statement to his family on Facebook: “Because the question of who is responsible [for the accident] has not yet been properly settled, all donations are premature.

The organizers earlier pledged to pay all medical bills for the two dancers.

“Although [Mo Li’s] The psychological quality is gradually becoming positive, like his elderly parents, we are very worried about what his future life will be like,” the pastor said.

“If the situation really does not improve and we one day rest in the arms of the Lord, we will leave with regret and sadness.”

The pastor revealed earlier that doctors said young Li had only a 5% chance of a full recovery.

A government task force set up to investigate the matter said two weeks ago that the use of poor quality cables, problems installing cables and an error in the LED screen’s reported weight are among the possible causes of the accident.

But the task force said it was not fair to blame anyone at this stage, as investigations by the task force and other departments are still ongoing.