James Bond’s Most Underrated Villain Is 007’s Perfect Black Mirror

There Are Plenty Of Bond Villains, But Here’s Why One Of Roger Moore’s Most Notorious Antagonists Is 007’s Most Underrated Black Mirror Himself

the james bond The franchise has seen 007 come up against plenty of villains, and one of the most underrated is arguably the perfect evil reflection of Bond himself. The release of no time to die and speculation about the next Bond villain means further scrutiny is being done on previous antagonists Bond has faced. While there are plenty, including other dark mirror characters such as 006 or Silva, it’s Scaramanga who deserves more recognition.

Appearing in The man with the golden gun, Scaramanga is a contract killer who sells his services for a million dollars per contract. Like Bond, he honed his skills from an early age, but while Bond was then employed to kill professionally for his country, Scaramanga began murdering people for pure pleasure. During the film, Bond is tasked with recovering a stolen solar-powered device taken by Scaramanga, and the mission ends with them fighting on his private island. Unfortunately, upon its release in 1974, the film and Roger Moore’s performance as 007 were criticized for being disappointing and underperformed at the box office. It is for this reason that the character of Scaramanga is generally overlooked.


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Discussions surrounding the franchise’s antagonists often focus on the larger-than-life characters such as Goldfinger or Blofeld, who returns multiple times to face Bond. However, when considering the parallels between Scaramanga and Bond, it becomes clear how important his story is as a villain. Both characters had the potential to become cold-hearted killers growing up, and the film shows Bond face to face with a dark reflection of who he could have become under different circumstances. The stark contrast between the two, despite their similar pasts, is used to emphasize Bond’s role as a hero to audiences. The Dark Mirror character has been replicated in various Bond films, such as with 006 in golden eye or, more recently Silva in celestial fall, and acknowledging Scaramanga as a role from which these could draw inspiration. Because of this, he’s criminally underrated as the perfect dark counterpart to Bond’s personal journey.

More praise should also go to Christopher Lee for his performance of Scaramanga. Due to Lee’s experience in Dracula and other villainous roles, he managed to craft an intimidating character. Despite humorous lines and Scaramanga having a third nipple, Lee portrayed him as menacing enough that audiences thought he might pose a risk to Bond. This was also reinforced by the iconic weapon that was introduced in the movie. Consisting of a seemingly innocuous fountain pen, lighter, cufflink, and cigarette case, Scaramanga’s infamous golden pistol remains memorable to this day. Since the movie’s release, the weapon has featured in video games, been made into countless replicas, and ranked sixth in a 20th Century Fox poll of the most popular movie weapons (via The Guardian).

Christopher Lee’s Performance And Scaramanga’s Golden Gun Cement The Antagonist As One Of The Best james bond bad guys. Although often overlooked due to the film’s ratings, it is an important reflection of the life Bond avoided and adds depth to an otherwise disappointing film. Overall, Scaramanga deserves more recognition and is an underrated feature of the Bond franchise.

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