Jamie Lee Curtis reveals she avoids using a mirror because she doesn’t like to criticize her appearance

Jamie Lee Curtis avoids looking in the mirror (Photo Credit – Jamie Lee Curtis/Instagram)

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis checks her thinking when doing tasks that require it, but she doesn’t spend much time scrutinizing her appearance because she doesn’t want to criticize herself.

Speaking to Vanessa Williams and Maria Shriver at ‘The Radically Reframing Aging Summing’, she said: ‘When I brush my teeth of course I look at myself in the mirror. When I tweeze my eyebrows, of course, I look at myself in a mirror. But when I step out of a shower, I just don’t look at my 63-year-old body in the mirror,

“I don’t deny what I look like, of course I’ve seen what I look like. I try to live with acceptance. If I look in the mirror, it’s harder for me to be accepted . I’m more critical. Whereas if I’m not watching, I’m not so worried about it,” Jamie Lee Curtis said.

The ‘Scream Queens’ star is a fan of ‘natural beauty’ but worries how the idea has been destroyed in recent years, with even video conferencing program Zoom offering filters to touch up the look of a user, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She said: “I think there has been a genocide of natural beauty. It’s perpetuated by the media, it’s perpetuated by large-scale magazines, and it’s even in our lives.

Jamie Lee Curtis worries about the impact this has on young people and the long-term implications for natural beauty.

Jamie Lee Curtis said: “(Young people) think they have to change their appearance to post anything, anywhere. “It then becomes a baseline of what it is, and we can never go back to looking like natural women.”

The ‘Knives Out’ actress previously confessed to having cosmetic surgery, but it “didn’t work out.”

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