Japanese company is building portable fans for pets

Moco and Purin pet dogs wear the battery-powered “portable pet air conditioners.”

Photo: Reuters


  • Pet fans available in five different sizes.
  • These fans cost 9,900 yen (5,817 rupees).
Tokyo: A Tokyo clothing company has collaborated with veterinarians to develop a portable pet ventilator to appeal to worried owners of dogs or cats unable to shed their fur during Japan’s sweltering summers, Reuters reported .

The in-garment tool is an 80-gram battery-operated fan coupled to a mesh garment that circulates air around an animal’s body.

Rei Uzawa, CEO of maternity clothing company Sweet Mommy, says she was inspired to design it after observing how exhausted her own Chihuahua was after walking around in the sweltering summer heat.

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Tokyo experienced the longest heat wave on record at the end of June after the end of the rainy season, with nine days of temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). As climate change hits the planet harder than ever, heat waves have been brutal this year.
A customer reportedly told Reuters she used ice packs to keep her dog cool this summer. However, the accompanying limitation was that she could not walk the animal with the ice pack, but said that with the new innovation, it would be easier for her.

According to Uzawa, since the device launched in early July, Sweet Mommy has received around 100 orders for the item. It costs 9,900 yen ($74) and comes in five different sizes.

In the summer, cats and dogs are more prone to heat-related illnesses for three main reasons. First of all, cats and dogs have fur, which obviously comes down to always wearing a fur coat, even in the summer. Second, unlike humans, cats and dogs are unable to reduce their body temperature so quickly. Third, because they naturally have higher body temperatures than humans, cats and dogs can become dangerously overheated more quickly.

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