Josh Taylor’s controversial win over Jack Catterall will be investigated

Josh Taylor’s controversial win over Jack Catterall will be investigated after the world title challenger claims it was robbed.

Taylor clung on to his four world welterweight titles in Glasgow despite being retired in the eighth round and dominating for large parts of the fight.

Only one of the three judges gave the Englishman the go-ahead with Ian John Lewis and Victor Loughlin scoring the fight for Taylor.

The boxing world was united in its condemnation of the result and the British Boxing Board of Control demanded an explanation from its officials.

“We’re going to look into it. There were very close rounds, it was a very close, very scrappy fight, and I’ve asked for reports from the judges which we’ll be looking at this week,” the council’s general secretary said. , Robert Smith. the Daily Telegraph.

“Our judges are honest people, and they scored it as they saw it. I was there, and I thought Catterall rigged it.”

Josh Taylor has been given the green light on Jack Catterall

Catterall stormed off when the decision was announced and expressed her thoughts on Instagram on Sunday.

“You know what hurts the most, it wasn’t for me, I did all of this for my family, my team, my city and my country,” the boxer from Chorley wrote. “My little girl and my misses, our future. Today I should have woken up with all the belts. 15 months in the ring, they all wrote me off.

“F***** me in every way possible for over two years, finally got the fight. Sacrificed everything to fight one of the best p4p ranked fighters, taught him a lesson. Why. Boxing, shame on you.”

Cattarall clarified his thoughts towards the judges and summed up his feelings, saying, “Stolen dreams.”

A bookmaker refunded bets on Catterall and a number of former world champions expressed disbelief on the call.

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Catterall coach Jamie Moore meanwhile called the decision “disgusting”.

“He retired on the promise that he would have the opportunity, he has the opportunity and he behaves like this, beats the champion in his own backyard and absolutely gets robbed,” he told Sky Sports.

“So think about the message this sends to people? My son is 16 and getting into boxing. He’s going to watch this and wonder why should I get into boxing?

“The moment you’ve worked for, your whole life, to be crowned world champion after a performance like that, is ripped away from you. It’s disgusting. Jack is heartbroken.”