Keir Starmer vows to boost UK manufacturers with ‘vital blow’ after Brexit

The Labor leader will travel to Burnley on Tuesday as part of his tour through the North and West Midlands this week. Figures show 18,500 jobs have been lost in the Midlands over the past decade

Keir Starmer has promised to deliver a “vital blow to Britain’s economy” and boost the manufacturing businesses that once powered the nation.

Britain’s manufacturing sector has collapsed after a decade of Tory rule, with jobs falling by 93,000 since 2009.

Figures released by Labor show that 16,000 jobs have been lost in the north of England and 18,500 jobs in the Midlands.

In a stark comparison, Germany created almost a million manufacturing jobs between 2010 and 2020.

“It is not enough to leave the EU and think the job is done: now we have to make Brexit work. It means supporting the places that have propelled our country to revive our economy,” Mr Starmer will say in Burnley.

Labor leader Keir Starmer pledges to tell Northern voters directly about his deal with the British people


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The Labor leader continues his tour across the North and West Midlands this week, sharing his plans to ensure safety, prosperity and respect for all, directly with voters.

Burnley was once an important engineering center and the heart of the textile industry.

Mr Starmer will add: “The next Labor government would support our manufacturers with practical plans to buy, make and sell in Britain.

“We would be as ambitious for the country’s cities as they are for themselves, investing in skills, technology and good jobs – so that people can feel the benefits of British industry again.

Boris Johnson embarked on an ‘upgrade’ tour this week, after receiving a questionnaire from the Met Police

“It’s personal to me. My dad was a toolmaker, so I know the pride that comes with creating and building things – and the pain felt when conservatives dismantle that hard work.

“That’s why it’s a crucial part of my contract with the British people, who will build a new Britain that guarantees security, prosperity and respect for all.”

Mr Starmer’s tour comes as Boris Johnson takes advantage of Parliament’s mid-term break to embark on a ‘leveling’ tour of the UK.

It started in Scotland, with visits to a manufacturing site and research and development projects.

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