KSB Limited reports exceptional growth in the third quarter – July 22 to September 22

KSB Limited, one of the leading pump and valve manufacturers in India, recorded an exceptional growth of 17% with sales value of INR 4,313 million in Q3 (July to September 2022) and also growth 23% of cumulative sales for 3 quarters (from January to September 2022) compared to the same period last year (2021). As an experienced pump manufacturer, its product portfolio includes building and industrial technology, water transport, waste water treatment and power plant processes, agricultural applications, residential applications. Thanks to innovative research and development, KSB can meet the most diverse customer requirements. Benefit from many years of experience and technical expertise as a renowned pump manufacturer.

• Sales value of INR 4,313 million achieved for this quarter represents an increase of 17% over the previous year

• Sales value for the 3 quarters of 2022 is INR 12,974 million, an increase of around 23% compared to the same period last year

• Achieved 13% ROS for the quarter

Commenting on the quarterly performance, Mr. Farrokh Bhathena, Director of Sales and Marketing, KSB Limited said: “We recorded exceptional year-on-year sales growth of 17% for the third quarter and also an increase 23% of cumulative sales for 3 quarters. compared to last year.

Continuing the trend, we once again saw a strong influx of orders from the Petrochemicals segment. This quarter saw the highest order intake in a quarter, which includes orders from NPCIL and Calik Energie for the Bazian CCPP project.

Major Highlights

• Good order intake trend with highest ever quarterly OI of Rs. 1951 million in Q3 2022.

• NPCIL order for 8 reactor coolant pumps worth Rs. 5013 Mio for Kaiga 5 & 6 reactors.

• Order intake since the beginning of the year of ~2708 Mio in the Petrochemicals segment.

• Good growth in the Mechanical Seal business.

• New E2E solution for deploying eSales for integrated website and online store.

Mr. Milind Khadilkar, Chief Financial Officer, opens his remarks by informing the company’s record share price of over INR 2,000 per share during the third quarter. This resulted in the highest market capitalization of the Company. Mr. Khadilkar is pleased to share in this value creation for the Company’s investors and shareholders.

Mr. Khadilkar then provided an update on the company’s proposed investment in specified intellectual property rights (IPRs) of Bharat Pumps & Compressors Limited (BPCL) through online tenders due to the strategic planning during the re-tendering process.

Mr. Milind Khadilkar informed that the company attended its Physical Investors Meet post Covid, in August 2022 with a wonderful response from institutional investors.

On ESG initiatives, he updated that:

• The Company has planted 1,000 trees in its premises at the Shirwal factory and continues planting activities in other factories and more than 6,500 trees in collaboration with NGOs in various locations.

• He also mentioned that the company is able to better manage its attrition rate compared to the industry rate in fiscal year 2022.

• Contributions to ESG through products such as FGDs and nuclear pumps for a cleaner energy sector.

• New investments planned for wind solar hybrid project, rooftop solar projects, etc., wastewater treatment projects.