Kyle O’Reilly Believes His Career Will Always Mirror Adam Cole’s, Calls AEW Debut A Surreal Moment

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Kyle O’Reilly is gearing up for a major opportunity at AEW Revolution in the form of an AEW World Tag Team Championship match, but before that, he reminisced about his early days in AEW and how far he’s come.

In a recent appearance on The Zaslow ShowO’Reilly spoke about coming to All Elite Wrestling and what it was like when Adam Cole joined the company.

“It was weird,” O’Reilly said. “Adam Cole and I have basically been in the same business since 2009, you know? We’ve always been in the same company, in the same locker room, whether we fight or work together, our careers have always been linked since I’ve known the guy, so it was a little weird. Of course, it would only be a few months before I jump ship and join him, but yeah, that’s definitely… that’s interesting, because I feel like for the rest of our careers, I think, they’ll kind of be mirrored with each other, we’ll always be around each other in one form or another.

O’Reilly also spoke about his own decision to move to All Elite Wrestling and mentioned that while there may be other options, he feels heading to AEW was the right choice for him. .

“Yeah, you’re always going to be nervous about starting something new,” O’Reilly said of her day. “Like a new career path or a new business, it’s always going to be a gamble, but that’s all wrestling is. You throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks, and I felt in my gut and in my heart that it was the right decision to make and to go to AEW and I was so excited about it and yeah the debut was very cool, it was surreal, and it happened in moment, and in a flash, it was over But yeah, running out there and hearing a crowd getting excited about something, not necessarily just excited to see “Oh, there’s Kyle O’Reilly,” but just seeing the three of us together, Bobby Fish, Adam Cole, and Kyle O’Reilly together in an AEW ring. It was a pretty cool moment, not just for us, but also for the fans, I think.

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