Living room mirror ideas to inspire a living room of any size

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  • Mirrors of all shapes and sizes have long been the accessory of choice for stylists to transform any room. Living room mirror ideas can make all the difference in decor, whether it’s making small spaces look bigger or serving as a focal point above a fireplace in a larger living room.

    Best of all, not only do mirrors have the power to be such a treasured wall decor idea for the living room, they also offer that transformative flair at an affordable budget! Especially if you shop smart and unearth a bargain or a second-hand treasure.

    living room mirror ideas

    “A cleverly positioned mirror in a living room can create light, the illusion of larger space and character,” says interior designer Nicki Bamford-Bowes. “However, you can only get the most out of these effects if you know the ropes. The magic of mirrors is their ability to create a portal to a different world. Bringing the outside in or giving insight from another room.

    It’s only fitting that we share a few of these style tips with you, to help you optimize your own living room.

    1. Think in a small space

    Image credit: Future PLC / Brent Darby

    Even the smallest of living spaces can benefit immensely from a simple mirror. In a small living room idea, the reflection addition will welcome more light into the space, to make it feel airy and larger. It also adds a sense of depth to the limited size, but tricks the eye with a reflection of the surrounding decor.

    2. Break the wall panels with a circular shape

    A cream living room with yellow cushions and a lamp

    Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

    When investing in a mirror for your living room, think about how the space functions as it is. In this country style living room, a paneling idea gives the rooms a rigid structure, so the circular mirror welcomes a change in shape and adds an element of freedom to the look.

    Circular mirrors are extremely popular right now, thanks to the whimsical curved designs of “porthole” dimension welcome on the walls.

    3. Create a decorative wall display

    yellow living room with sunburst wall mirrors

    Image credit: Future PLC

    Besides being very functional, mirrors can also be fun and playful. Use a group, using the stylist’s rule of three, in different shapes or sizes to create an alternative decorative living room wall decor idea. Grouped mirrors in place of artwork avoid overwhelming the decor, simply welcoming more light rather than imposing.

    4. Balance the layout

    gray living room with black painted alcove and black fireplace

    Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

    Placing a mirror directly above a fireplace would usually create a clearly defined focal point in the room, but sometimes it’s there to add balance. In a living room with lively alcove ideas, like this one with bespoke storage on one side and an office solution on the other, curved mirrors help balance the flow.

    A mirror adds a decorative touch without overwhelming the wall, as the busy alcoves on either side of the fireplace could be too much of an artistic alternative for the space.

    5. Go full-length to light up a dark corner

    Image credit: Lol Johnson Photography

    Living room mirror ideas aren’t just for mantelpieces and hanging on walls – try the leaning method, which is more favorable in bedrooms as a trend. “For my living room, I chose the Home Essentials Greystoke Arch Leaner mirror to store in the alcove by the fire,” says Nicki Bamford-Bowes, interior designer and brand ambassador for

    “Here it captures the outdoors and brings life and light to a dark corner. The arched mirrors are very on trend and I love how the brass trim shines against the dark wall.

    Copy the look: Greystoke Arch Leaner Mirror, £179, Home Essentials

    6. Dress the wall above a sofa

    Gray living room with long mirror above the sofa

    Image credit: Future PLC

    A long narrow mirror is a great idea for decorating the wall above the sofa – it adds decoration without overpowering the decor.

    This is particularly effective in a small living room layout, where the presence of a mirror becomes very practical by using a simple design as large as possible to create a feeling of space. Opting for a full-length mirror helps elongate the space, helping to welcome light and a sense of depth in the surroundings.

    7. Choose a distressed finish for a more subtle touch

    Living room with carpet on wooden floor, blue walls, mirror above the fireplace, round coffee table with mirror finish and upholstered armchair next to the window

    Image credit: Future Plc/David Giles

    Vintage mirrors have a certain charm that a shiny new mirror just can’t imitate. Aged glass can often appear less shimmering and therefore offers a more subtle approach to hanging a wall mirror. Due to the frameless nature of an antique style mirror, the shape is also less imposing as the edges are softened.

    8. Fake a Window

    green living room with painted fireplace mantle and leaf wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC

    Welcome a touch of the outdoors into your living room by creating the illusion of a window with a clever windowed mirror. It tricks the eye into thinking the room extends outside, when in reality it’s just a nifty accessory to brighten up the walls.

    Place your window-effect mirror on a wall opposite that of a real window, in order to capture the light directly and reinject it into the room. Pair the design with a nature-inspired living room wallpaper idea to welcome the outdoors even further.

    9. Break the wall

    A pale gray living room with a bright yellow painted wall and a fireplace

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dan Duchars

    Use the midpoint of a two-tone wall to position a mirror to give the plunge point more prominence – as a way to push the ceiling back to create a sense of height. A mid-height shelf provides the perfect spot for said mirror, as well as a decorative eye-catcher.

    10. Break a feature wall

    light yellow and gray living room with patterned wallpaper wall

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jeremy Phillips

    Use a well-placed mirror to break up a patterned wallpaper wall. Using a mirror can give another dimension to the wall without distracting attention from the pattern as an alternative decorative accessory, such as a work of art, would.

    Place the mirror closest to the window to make the mirror work harder by inviting more light into the rest of the room.

    11. Anchor a fireplace as a focal point with a mirror

    A gray living room with light walls, a fireplace and a buttoned gray pouf

    Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole

    Sometimes the classic style tricks are the best, as this paired living room proves. A simple mirror that blends into the aesthetic of the gray living room creates a focal point of the fireplace, cementing its presence as an anchor for the rest of the furniture to gather.

    12. Add mirrored artwork to shine the light

    Neutral living room with decorative wall mirror

    Image credit: Future PLC

    How’s that for a clever style tip, decorative wall art idea that doubles as a mirror. Not the norm of a mirror for sure, but it’s still a kind of wall mirror that works wonders for adding decoration while drawing light to the darker end of the room where natural light is lacking. .

    Where to place a mirror in a living room?

    “Where you put a mirror really matters,” says interior designer Nicki Bamford-Bowes; owner of & Then They Went Wild and brand ambassador for “Sometimes I like to place a mirror where it reflects the greenery of the garden, or to catch the light at a particular time of day. Midday light will brighten a dark room, or afternoon sun will add warmth.

    “I also love when you can walk into the room and instantly see the reflection of a piece of art or a beautiful light. So think about not just what a mirror looks like, but what you’ll see in it when it’s there. will be with you.

    How to use living room mirrors?

    “Everyone’s living room is different, so have fun choosing and placing your mirror – or mirrors. If you have a small living room, don’t be afraid to play with the scale. A larger mirror can add grandeur and impact, while making the room look bigger and brighter,” advises Nicki.

    ‘To add a centerpiece to your wall, dare to choose a textured or circular mirror. A traditional mirror above a fireplace always looks great, but for a more casual look, try propping a large mirror up against the wall or even on a sideboard.

    “You can create a gallery wall effect with a selection of different mirrors in different sizes. Also consider introducing small side tables or coffee tables with a mirror finish. Or like I have in my house, back shelves with mirrors for added glamour. Tinted mirrors, like smoked glass or even rose gold, are fun.