Lululemon launches membership program with Mirror Home Gym

The first time I heard of Mirror was pre-pandemic, and while I thought the gadget — a mirror that, when turned on, turns into a smart display that lets you train alongside a trainer — was awesome, I wondered how many people would splurge on it in favor of in-person classes. Then, of course, COVID-19 became a reality, gyms became inaccessible for many of us (either because they were closed or because we couldn’t afford to take the risk of exposing us to the virus), and home fitness devices like The Mirror have become hugely popular. But even if many of us are returning to something more like our pre-March 2020 lifestyles, the home workout options seem here to stay. Example: Lululemon partners with Mirror in its new paid subscription program, Studio Lululemon.

To join Lululemon Studio, members must have a Mirror ($1,495, starting price) Lululemon Studio membership costs $39 per month, but it will give them access to thousands of streaming and in-person classes, both from Mirror’s own existing library and from partners from Lululemon Studio, which include an incredible list: 15 trainers of Pure bar, ARMY, To scold, Pound, Y7, YogaSix, AKTand FORWARD_Space. You can stream workouts through the Mirror or Lululemon Studio app on your phone. Members also get 10% off Lululemon products – fans of the Lululemon leggingsrejoice – free access to in-person classes that select Lululemon stores host and discounts on in-person classes at Lululemon Studio partner locations.

In the fitness world, this is a big deal. Lululemon has long held in-person classes at some of its stores, and many locations have operated clubs. Then the athleisure brand bought Mirror in 2020 for $500 million, reports The New York Times, a move that indicated a desire to offer top-notch classes to its customers in addition to fitness apparel and equipment. According to the brand, it saw that nowadays people wanted a hybrid experience in their exercise routines as well as in their work: the ability to train at home, in person and while traveling. Lululemon Studio and the brand’s collaboration with Mirror is a real leap into the connected fitness space – and one that Lulu clearly expects to pay for.

“Lululemon Studio unlocks the versatility our community has told us they’re looking for now. You’ll no longer have to choose between going to your favorite studio or streaming a class at home — you can have both,” says Nikki Neuburger, Lululemon’s main brand. officer in a Press release.

“We consider Lululemon Studio to be the daily destination to discover the most dynamic content from the best trainers and studios in the industry, covering a range of fitness genres for all levels,” added Michael Aragon, CEO of Lululemon Digital Fitness, in the press release.

Studio Lululemon ($39 per month) launched October 5 for Mirror owners. Anyone in North America can also sign up for the new Lululemon Essential subscription for free; it offers certain perks like free access to select Lululemon Studio courses, early access to product releases, and the ability to return items to store without a receipt.

Image source: Studio Lululemon