Maple Leafs commentary: Liljegren and Sandin, not mirror images

In previous articles, we’ve done player reviews of all the Toronto Maple Leafs forwards who will return from last season’s roster. We also reviewed three members of the Maple Leafs defense – Morgan RiellyTJ Brodie and Jake Muzzin. In today’s post, we’ll be doing player reviews of Timothy Liljegren and Rasmus Sandin.

As a reminder, if you missed the first 13 player reviews, we’re basing these reviews on the film’s in-depth study and note-taking by longtime Maple Leafs fan Stan Smith. When reviewing each game after it has been played, he notes what each player is doing with the puck, without the puck, where they are and what they are doing without being directly involved in the game, etc. .

Maple Leafs Player #14: Timothy Liljegren

Timothy Liljegren entered the Maple Leafs image with a lot of hype after the The Maple Leafs drafted him 17th in the 2017 NHL Draft. Liljegren had been seeded third in that draft, but dropped the order due to his lack of playing time during his draft year after a bout of mononucleosis. The Maple Leafs getting Liljegren this low in the first round was seen as quite a blow.

Despite his potential, Liljegren struggled

Despite the positive commotion Liljegren’s signing drew, he struggled with the Marlies in his first two seasons. There was speculation at the time that it might not be NHL material, and it became the subject of many trade rumours.