McDonald’s HK rolls out MIRROR collectibles and video series

McDonald’s Hong Kong has once again teamed up with members of boy band MIRROR, introducing perks and offering a set of collectibles to engage its fans.

The restaurant chain is once again working with Anson Lo, Edan Lui and Keung To in the latest three-week campaign. Last Saturday, McDonald’s Hong Kong released a video featuring Lui playing the piano, which also tells fans about the restaurant chain’s specials through its app. Additionally, McDonald’s Hong Kong is offering a set of stickers, consisting of three designs, which feature Lui to further engage fans.

As each branch only offers one design of the sticker set, McDonald’s Hong Kong has created a dedicated design link, offering information on sticker availability. Fans can redeem the stickers from May 23 to 27.

Starting next week, the restaurant chain will feature Anson Lo, also offering a sticker set consisting of three designs and a video as well. McDonald’s Hong Kong will offer Keung To’s collectibles from May 30 to June 3.

McDonald’s Hong Kong fans can redeem the stickers by purchasing designated food items through the restaurant chain’s app. Currently, the McDonald’s Hong Kong app has over three million users, the highest among any F&B operator in Hong Kong.

Besides the latest collaboration, McDonald’s Hong Kong partnered with these MIRROR members last year in a short film, showcasing its app feature with over 1.5 million views after the premiere on social media.

In the short film shot by the director, Yuen Kim-wai, Keung To, Anson Lo, and Edan Lui competed for the lead role in a basketball drama. Keung eventually won the director’s heart and became the main character of the drama, as he had better skills with quick moves on the basketball court. McDonald’s Hong Kong combines Keung’s skills with the ordering and payment functionality of its mobile app, which allows customers to order, pay and receive in a short time with convenience.

In October 2021, McDonald’s Hong Kong featured the entire MIRROR team to promote their “Crispy Thighs” items. As part of the ‘Celebrate Order’, the month-long campaign will see stores redecorated to feature one of MIRROR’s members. Meanwhile, the store located in Admiralty has also had a facelift, allowing MIRROR fans to immerse themselves in the celebration in the “McDonald’s x MIRROR” themed store.

The “Famous Order” campaign includes both online and offline touchpoints and features an ASMR TVC series featuring MIRROR members enjoying Crispy Thighs. McDonald’s Hong Kong has also rolled out an AR filter, allowing customers to enjoy crispy thighs with MIRROR members via AR. Customers can access it via a QR code on the MIRROR packaging representing one of the 12 MIRROR members with their corresponding color theme.

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