Meet Dublin actor Eoin Macken who is taking Hollywood by storm

Meet the Dublin actor taking Hollywood by storm who candidly describes starring alongside Megan Fox as a “pinch me” moment.

Despite his rise to fame in the US, humble Dubliner Eoin Macken has set his sights on a role in the second season of Kin with his best friend and actor pal Emmett J Scanlan.

The 39-year-old is probably best known for playing Gavin Cluxton in Fair City and then playing Sir Gwaine in Merlin from 2010 to 2012.

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He also starred in Night Shift and landed film roles in Centurion, The Forest and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

In the 2021 film Til Death, the Howth native plays criminal lawyer Mark, a controlling husband who makes his wife Emma’s (Megan Fox) life miserable.

Eoin Macken and Megan Fox

Eoin told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “I shot the film in Bulgaria with Megan during Covid.

“It was one of the first films to be shot during the pandemic.

“It’s great to work with her and she has a great sense of humor, I had a blast working with her.

“We had a great time…it was a pinch moment for me.”

The multi-talented Eoin has created, produced and starred in films since graduating in psychology from UCD nearly two decades ago.

His transplant is paying off – he landed the lead role on the NBC series La Brea in its second season, filming in Australia.

He revealed: “Melbourne has the same climate as Dublin. I went from Dublin winter to winter here so I’m a bit outback with the rain.

“The rest of Australia is like sunshine and crocodiles and Melbourne is like rain here.”

Psychological horror The Cellar premiered in Dublin last month and Eoin said he was delighted to have worked again with its director Brendan Muldowney.

Eoin Macken

He said, “I keep doing stuff, and it’s like the more stuff you do, the people you grew up with get better and so do you, so it works.”

“Richard Bulger who produced Here are the young men with me also produced The Cellar.

“I met Richard when I was doing Cold with no money and Richard came on board, and 10 years later we’re making movies together and winning.”

Working for free and chasing his dream proved fruitful for Eoin and his talent won out.

He said: “I think I just got lucky that way, you keep hitting and doing stuff and stuff and you keep trying.

“The key is to keep going.

“I did a movie called ‘Grey Elephant’ which we did for nothing. It will be released this fall.

“We did it for peanuts.

“What was great about filming The Cellar was that I hadn’t worked in Ireland for so long, I hadn’t worked in Ireland since Nightflyers.”

The Cellar was written by Brendan Muldowney as a 10-minute short film, but he adapted the script and turned it into a narrative feature film.

Eoin said, “Working with Brendan was a dream come true.

“I had worked with Brendan on Savage with Emmet J Scanlan. He’s so talented.

“The Cellar is like family psychological horror, not messed up horror, it’s accessible, but it’s done something that has a wider audience to connect with.”

Eoin was a supermodel before the movie industry wooed him and as the face of Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie and Fitch, he has fond memories of his posing days.

He said, “Myself and Carl Shaaban started modeling together.

“We made a documentary on modeling which we sold to RTE.

“I got a great buzz from it, it’s all part of the same creative process.”

In 2005 Eoin played alongside Emmet J Scanlon and Brendan Gleeson in Studs and to this day Emmet and Eoin remain best friends.

Eoin said: “I loved Emmet in Kin, he was brilliant, I thought he and Sam Keeley were outstanding.”

“I loved the show, it’s coming back and I would love to be in Kin, absolutely.”

On befriending Hollyoaks and Peaky Blinders star Emmet, he explains, “I did psychology before I was in film and acting.

“When I was in college, I met Emmet and graduated to make movies.

“I was still doing my thesis in psychology when I made my first real movie with Brendan Gleeson and Donal Gleeson and David Wilmot and Emmet.

“I was making this movie when I was making this movie, so I almost decided I wanted to be a filmmaker.”

Recalling his time in Fair City where he played drug dealer Gavin Cluxton in 2008, he shrugged: “I’m not a morto at all. ” That’s not embarassing.

“I was talking to one of the actors from La Brea because he also did a New Zealand soap opera.

“The thing about Fair City, I had taken time off to play for family reasons and then I got back to playing the character of Gavin and it was a really good training ground.

“Honestly, I think every job you learn something from.”

It’s been over 15 years since Eoin played Gwaine on the Merlin series, but he’s still being asked about the popular series.

He revealed: “I watch Merlin fondly, I get people coming to see me in Australia and still asking me about Merlin because it’s still playing on Netflix now.

“I think people still love this show.”

The actor, who dated Healy for two years from 2006 and most recently The Queen’s Gambit actress Anya Taylor Joy, from whom he split in 2018, is now single.

Una Healy, Eoin Macken

He said: “In Australia, the closest thing to something romantic is taking a picture of a kangaroo.

He said he was still “good friends” with former Saturdays singer Una, adding: “She’s super talented at creating music.

“Una did a lot of the soundtrack for one of the first movies I made and the documentary I made about modeling.

“It was back when we just worked to get things made for our friends.

“That was before Una did Saturdays and before I did Fair City.

“I love Una to pieces.”

And Eoin admits that when it comes to being Irish in the cinematic game, it gives you an edge.

He joked: “Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan are touring Australia at the moment.

“Crews love them so when they met me they immediately thought I would be good too as I’m Irish!”

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