Mega-rich Russian oligarchs in Surrey ‘tearfully unable to book private jets’


A personal aide to several oligarchs who live on Surrey’s St George Estate – an exclusive gated community where homes cost more than £20million – spoke to the Sunday Mirror

Personal aide to several domain oligarchs says Putin’s friends don’t care about people dying in Ukraine

Mega-rich Russians living in a row of British billionaires have been reduced to tears after war sanctions on Ukraine destroyed their luxurious lifestyle.

Putin’s pampered cronies in Surrey’s St George estate – an exclusive gated enclave where a third of the residents are Russian – can’t afford private jet flights, holidays or even taxis now that their credit cards are frozen.

Many have been forced to ask staff to shell out taxis after it was discovered that Uber executive accounts linked to their cards had been closed.

A personal aide to several domain oligarchs told us yesterday, “I had to put up with hearing them cry because they can no longer board a private jet, or book vacations, or even take an Uber. But it’s hard to get sympathy. They don’t care that people are dying in Ukraine.

The whistleblower says a super-rich Russian woman broke down in tears after bespoke electrical installations commissioned for her £10million mansion in St George were blocked.

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Surrey estate properties sell for over £20m


SurreyLive – Grahame Larter)

Another pair from Surrey found themselves stranded in Dubai when their first class flight was cancelled.

The oligarchs in the heavily guarded 964-acre enclave near Weybridge, Surrey include oil tycoon and close friend of Putin, Oleg Deripaska, 54, boss of a mining and energy company. Estate properties sell for over £20 million.

The whistleblower, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal, told us: “These people don’t care about the suffering in Ukraine.

Russian billionaire and businessman Oleg Deripaska


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“They only care about themselves and how the sanctions are starting to affect their champagne lifestyle.

“Just before the war, one of the wealthy Russian families I know in Surrey paid £24,000 to fly a live crab and black caviar from Moscow on a private jet for a party.

“But everything is changing now and it’s good to see them having to adjust to their new place in the world.

“I laugh at their bleating. I get five calls a day from Russian billionaires asking me to help them with stuck credit card issues.

“They ask if they can use my address when applying for new cards to avoid penalties. I just put the phone down. I can’t talk to these people anymore – they need to understand what’s going on and what their leader is doing.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss plans to sanction even more oligarchs. She said: “There are over 100 Russian billionaires. We must make this deeply painful for those who support Putin.”

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