Minecraft’s glass mirror effect is an optical illusion

A new Minecraft build features a glass mirror effect on the floor, creating an optical illusion that makes a huge cave seem endless.

Recently an ambitious Minecraft player applied a glass mirror effect to the floor of one of his builds to produce a huge optical illusion. It is the latest addition to the ever-growing number of huge Minecraft creations that have continued to push the boundaries of gaming over the past decade.

By far the best-selling game of all time, MinecraftThe appeal remains clear as it approaches a decade since its full release in 2011. The player base continues to produce one incredible creation after another, and often these come in unique forms beyond the ordinary. beyond the simple scale. For example, a player built the sprite models for the original 151 Pokemon. Optical illusions can also be used to add to the awesomeness of a Minecraft creation, as was the case with a recently presented construction which, at first glance, seems endless.


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Reddit user Sad_Salamander1948 shared an image of their construction, a massive cave dwelling that looks like Moria from The Lord of the Rings. By building a mirrored version of the build and adding a layer of glass, Sad_Salamander1948 was able to make it look like there was a real reflective surface on the floor. The “reflection” is near perfect and creates a feeling that the cavern never ends, but on closer inspection you can see that the lanterns on the other side of the mirror haven’t actually returned. Many comments on Sad_Salamander1948’s post praised the awesome nature of this illusion, while a few offered suggestions on how it could possibly be improved.

One commenter suggested adding a layer of lime under the glass to give it a greenish tint, making the floor look like an actual glass mirror. Another took things in a slightly different direction by suggesting a layer of black glass to make it less transparent and more like a reflection. Sad_Salamander1948 seems to be taking these recommendations and more seriously as they have indicated that they might implement some of them to see how it might improve the overall build.

Like the recently presented Minecraft A sculpture of the storm, this Moria-like glass mirror cavern is a work of art. Not only is it awesome as it is now, but it also inspired some community members to offer their suggestions on how it could be even better. The response to Sad_Salamander1948’s post demonstrates the best of Minecraft community, which can be a place of constant support with the freedom to share creative ideas in the pursuit of creating new works of art.

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Minecraft is available to play now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android and iOS platforms.

Source: Sad_Salamander1948/Reddit

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