Mirror Mirror 2 – will there be a sequel to Mirror Mirror?

This article explains if there will be a Mirror Mirror 2, and the discussion around the Netflix movie sequel will contain spoilers.

As said best by Netflix, Mirror Mirror about “cosmetics company employees wrestling with each other’s desires while arguing in the mirror, before their company’s birthday party.” While the title may at first make you think of Snow White – it did in my case anyway – the film has nothing to do with the fairy tale. Instead, it focuses more on workplace issues.

Mirror Mirror potential release date of the sequel:

As of this writing, there is no news regarding a potential sequel. So, for now, this is pure speculation. In most cases, movies tend to take around two years to make, if not less, so it could be around 2023/2024 when we’d see a sequel. But if Netflix feels there’s a strong need for a sequel, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the film was released soon.

Mirror Mirror sequel cast – who could be in it?

In the first film, we saw Malena Alterio, Santi Millán, Natalia de Molina and Verónica Forqué. So assuming that their schedules remain free, we should see them in the sequel! And like most sequels, there will be new cast members, so we might be looking forward to that!

Mirror Mirror sequel plot: what could Mirror Mirror 2 be about?

Throughout most of the film, he focused on reflection and how we and others see ourselves. So will the film follow this approach? It seems to me that would make sense to do so. The battle against inner voices was an interesting aspect of the film, so it would be in the sequel’s interest to retain that method of storytelling. As for Alberto, he was the only character to realize that he hated himself. Will his character return in the sequel? And if so, will it serve as a guide for any of the potential new cast members? Maybe. Since so much of the movie seemed to represent self-doubt and fear, I predict any potential sequel will do the same.

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