Mirror’s Anson Lo Expands Cast Of Hong Kong Film ‘Chungking Mansions’

Anson Lo, part of Hong Kong pop sensation Mirror, has joined the cast of “Chungking Mansions,” an ambitious zombie film that is currently in advanced preparation.

Alongside Lo, Canadian Hong Kong actresses Selena Lee and Jeannie Chan, Korean star Choi Si-Hun and Hong Kong actor Louis Cheung join previously announced Japanese action star Rina Takeda and Singaporean actors Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim.

Davika Hoorne, who previously starred in “Pee Mak”, the highest-grossing Thai film of all time, will also be there. She takes over a role previously assigned to Angel Locsin as an assistant to the American protagonist’s pregnant wife.

Directed by banker-turned-producer and director Bizhan Tong (“The Escort”), the film follows a diverse group of people who, following a zombie attack, attempt to break into Chungking Mansions. The labyrinthine building was made famous by Wong Kar-wai’s “Chungking Express” and is arguably the richest cultural melting pot in the predominantly Chinese city.

Sales agent Megaton Entertainment, which kicked off sales at AFM in November, touted the film as both the biggest zombie film in Hong Kong cinema history and also as “The Raid” with zombies.

The production is handled by Tong’s Phoenix Waters Productions in co-production with AMM Global and Salon Films Japan.

Mirror, a 12-member idol group that emerged from ViuTV’s reality show “King Maker”, has inspired BTS-like fanaticism among broad and diverse sections of Hong Kong’s population and within the growing population

Cantonese diaspora population. Some commentators have suggested that the Mirror mania is a welcome distraction from Hong Kong’s current political, social and COVID issues.

Several other band members soon accepted film and television offers. Lo, who previously starred in the hit BL series “Ossan’s Love,” plays a young professional who visits Chungking Mansions just as an outbreak begins.

Selena Lee has had a successful career in both East and West, starring in ‘Barrack O’Karma’, as well as the Canadian series ‘Blood & Water’. Jeannie Chan recently collaborated with Tong in the main role of the detective series “Forensic Psychologist”. Chan and Lee play the sisters caught up in the disaster.

Louis Cheung (“G Storm,” “Zero to Hero”) plays a character who must transport a high-value prisoner amid the outbreak. Korean Choi Si-Hun (“Singles Inferno”, “Romanced” “I Eat Well Today”) plays the manager of a model attending a campaign launch.