Netflix’s Grim Sci-Fi Series ‘Black Mirror’ Returns With Season 6

We haven’t seen again”black mirror” episodes since the start of the fifth season in June 2019. There was doubt that a follow-up would happen even after the series creator Charlie Brooker hinted that they weren’t rushing to do the next season because the reality was too dark. Well it seems like netflix and Brooker are gearing up to resume filming in the near future.

Variety reveals that a sixth season of the landmark show is in development at the streaming giant and is expected to have more episodes than the final season, which only consists of three episodes. Given the long hiatus, they surely have a lot of material waiting to be shot.

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For her part, Brooker continued her relationship with Netflix during the “Black Mirror” hiatus, delivering the satirical mockumentary specials “Dead to 2020” and “Dead to 2021“with the interactive animation experience”Burglar cat.”

“Black Mirror” mixes social commentary with a strong sense of satirical humor and setting. It’s arguably one of the best and most intricate sci-fi shows out there, often exploring ethics through a gruesome “what if” future where technological advancements are used for nefarious purposes.

The promise of more episodes in season six leads to more questions – do we only have four or are they aiming for ten or more? Regardless of the final tally, it’s great to hear that “Black Mirror” is returning with Brooker still directly involved.

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